Source: addons/ns_compat.js

"use strict";

if (!window["b4w"])
    throw "Failed to register module ns_compat, load b4w first";

 * Namespace compatibility add-on. Enables access to engine modules by
 * <code>b4w.MODULE</code>. Provides no external methods.
 * @module ns_compat
 * @cc_externs animation armature assets camera config controls constraints container
 * @cc_externs data debug geometry hud lights main material math particles physics
 * @cc_externs rgb rgba scenes sfx textures transform util version nla input
 * @cc_externs vec3 vec4 quat mat3 mat4
 * @cc_externs app camera_anim gp_conf gyroscope hmd_conf hmd mixer mouse npc_ai ns_compat preloader storage
b4w.module["ns_compat"] = function(exports, require) {

for (var mod_id in b4w.module)
    b4w[mod_id] = b4w.require(mod_id);