The prizes 1000


The Blend4Web team is happy to announce its next contest! And this time, the spotlight well be on the panda, an ancient symbol of peace and friendship! Invent an interesting scene with a panda in some environment! Well-done animation will be a major advantage during the assessment.

The main assessment criteria will be:



originality of the project and how interesting and entertaining it is

Visualization Quality

how well the model is done and how appealing it looks

Technical Design

optimization, mobile device compatibility, animation, interactivity, glitches


First place

cash + 30% off SDK Pro

Second place

cash + 20% off SDK Pro

Third place

cash + 10% off SDK Pro

Contest Dates

  • Submit your entry by May 15, 2016;
  • All entries will be processed and the winner determined by May 16, 2016;
  • The winning entries will be published on the official contest page by May 18, 2016.

Contest Rules

  • The scene must correspond with the theme of the contest;
  • Each step of the work process must be done by the contestant him/herself. The contestant can also record the project's progress on the Forum;
  • Models used in a presentation must be unique, made specifically for this contest (no BlendSwap, etc.);
  • The work must be completed and submitted before the deadline;
  • Source files (.blend files, textures, etc.) and application code (if any) must be published under the CC BY 4.0 license.

    Please make sure your projects are working before uploading them! Entries without working source files will be disqualified.


  • The work must be done using Blend4Web;
  • The result must be presented as a screenshot, a zip archive with source files and the link to the working application;
  • The scene polygon limit is 50000 triangles;
  • Texture resolution must be a power of two, maximum 1024 px (for example 1024x1024, 128x512, 512x64). Exceptions are environment cubemaps: they must have an aspect ratio of 3:2 and be a power of two vertically (for example, 1536x1024, 768x512);
  • The scene must be optimized - keep the balance between detailization and polygon count, quality and texture resolution, use the possibility to pack BW textures into RGBA channels, combine several node materials into one using masks, and use heavy effects wisely (such as SSAO).


Pavel Kotov

Contest administrator, 3D-generalist, Blend4Web team.


Russian 3D animation and VFX studio.

Alexander Milovski

Certified 3D graphics specialist, leader of the 3D laboratory.

Mikhail Bezzubikov

3D-generalist, manager, Blend4Web team.

Andrey Prakhov

A free software advocate, game developer and the author of three books on Blender.