Manueline Window

18 November 2014 19:13
Hi, I just started playing with blend4web in the last few weeks, trying to learn how to use it and maybe start some sort of business around it. This is my first simple demo scene used to learn how to use this the addon and as a fun project for portfolio, and it has been a joy to use.

Manueline Window Demo Scene - Manueline is a Portuguese local variation of the Flamboyant late Gothic architectural style more common in central Europe. Hope you guys like it

18 November 2014 19:33
Nice architecture and carefully crafted model! Tweeting..
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18 November 2014 19:48
28 November 2014 03:59
very nice!
28 November 2014 05:20
Glad you like it. For reference this was the real window I based mine on, taking some artistic liberties and simplifications here and there

01 December 2014 21:01
Nice model! It looks great!
02 December 2014 04:14
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