Blend4Web 15.11 Released

27 November 2015 12:55
We are proud to announce a new release of Blend4Web, an open source framework for creating interactive 3D web content. In this release you'll find: initial support for next-gen WebGL 2.0, MSAA anti-aliasing, more logic editor capabilities and multiple usability improvements.
The Founder | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin
28 November 2015 06:33
Good news. You guys are very prolific with your updates. It is ahrd to keep up
I just completed a video about the Move Camera node:
30 November 2015 03:20
Good work guys! Keep up the regular updates!
30 November 2015 14:46
Oh yeah Move Camera smoothing!!! You Sir, just made my day.
01 December 2015 12:40
Looking forwards to get into the node!
Great job!
01 December 2015 19:52
Thanks to all for your support!
The Founder | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin
02 December 2015 17:17
Can't wait to get playing with the new updates.
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