Working on VR support

01 December 2015 19:16
As we got our new Oculus rift, we started implementing VR for Blend4Web.
Kirill is happy to work on this feature!

02 December 2015 08:35
Very Nice!
I have a DK2 as well as the Samsung Gear VR. That would be great to try them out on Blend4Web/
02 December 2015 17:17
We also just picked up a Samsung Gear VR, looking forward to the testing out these features.
03 December 2015 14:32
We have some Google Cardboard devices, so we are going to support mobile VR too.
Blend4Web Team
05 December 2015 02:06
Awesome, I knew you guys/gals would go this way soon a I saw that cut with a blend4web scene inside second life. My GearVR CE1 is ready and willing for testing if you want to trow anything my way!
24 December 2015 02:51
Hi @ll,
hello Kirill,

Nice to see the WebVR support in 15.12.
I would like, apart the VR support and anaglyph-mode, enquire/suggest/ask for/ also another stereoscopic viewing method:
The 'cross-eyed'-viewing method (for watching stereo images on non-mobile-display-sizes, e.g. iPad/minis),
and the parallel/wall-eyed-viewing method (for watching stereo images on small display sizes, e.g. iPhones).

This would be a very nice addtition. Quite a few people get managed to see cross-eyed or parallel-eyed stereo images, and it wouldn't require any additional 'hardware'-effort like HMDs or colored glasses to have around.

It would be nice if those viewing modes would be accessible on mobile browsers without WebVR-support (perhaps possible because no need for lens-distortion-correction, nor lens-color-aberration-correction?). Would that be possible?

Any intentions to go into that direction?

Would be happy to hear what do you think, Kirill?

Cheers, Daniel
24 December 2015 10:47
Hi Daniel Klepel.

WebVR API provides access to any kind of virtual reality devices. Main feature of the API is access to sensor values. But there is exist Device Orientation API for mobile browsers. So there is no need WebVR API.

We are going to support VR on mobile devices without WebVR-support.
Blend4Web Team
25 May 2016 17:49
Playing with and testing out our brand new Samsung Gear VR
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
16 July 2017 15:55
hi everyone,
i noticed this post and wondered if you could let me know what you did to make blend4web html export work using webvr on the samsung gear with my samsung s7.
I have downloaded the oculus softwear onto my phone. I also now have samsungs own internet vr.
Changed the flag in samsungs internet app to support webvr and then also installed cardboard.
However so far when I load my html file onto the phone and put it in full screen all I get is a blank black screen subdivided into two sections.
This file works perfectly when I view it without the webvr switched on and for all of about 1 second i do see something before it goes black but not sure what it is.

Any ideas you may have for possible solution to this would be much appreciated.

Kindest regards
16 July 2017 17:18
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