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The motto “Ever Onward” captures the spirit of dynamism and
evolution of the human spirit to higher levels of excellence and
enlightenment. The crest symbolically captures the educational
vision and mission of St. Joseph’s; the white dove stands for the
noble qualities envision of the heart that shapes our character and
transforms into a great blessing for the world. The dove also stands
for the divine spirit within us, who is the source of all wisdom and
creativity. Its forward and upward movements signify the progressive
evolution of each person to be a transforming catalyst in creating a
civilization of love and justice. The blue sky at the background
indicates the unlimited possibilities that a St. Joseph’s College OF
Commerceine can enrol, explore and excel. The letters CMF stands
for the St. Joseph’s College OF Commerce management, which is
moved by the fire of love and wisdom to support the growth of each
St. Joseph’s College OF Commerceine.

We provide direct admission in BBA in St. Joseph’s
College OF CommerceCollege. You may contact

Quality Policy of St. Joseph’s College OF Commerce
St. Joseph’s College OF Commerce is committed to identify,
encourage and incorporate all good practices leading to a holistic
development of students and constant upgradation of pedagogic
skills of the teachers. It aims at providing all necessary human and
infrastructural resources and mechanisms to foster development
and continuous improvement. Every graduate of St. Joseph’s College

OF Commerce would be prepared to be socially sensitive and make
effective contribution to the society.

Vision of St. Joseph’s College OF Commerce
Our Vision is to promote educational excellence, leadership, and
service, based on
universal love in an environment characterized by respect for the
individual and
concern for the community, so as to effect holistic transformation in
each student.

Mission of St. Joseph’s College OF Commerce
Our mission is to form intellectually competent, professionally
skilled, spiritually vibrant,
morally responsible, socially just and culturally sensitive global
citizens through holistic education to advance a civilization of love
and harmony.

ST. JOSEPH’S COLLEGE OF COMMERCE’s hierarchy of core
1. Faith in God : St. Joseph’s College OF Commerce students shall
come to recognize that there is an Absolute Being to whom they
belong and in whose love they live, move and have their being. A
loving, genuine, creative faith shall come to permeate their life
2. Justice : Having come to believe that they belong to God, St.
Joseph’s College OF Commerce students shall come to appreciate
the need for justice in their relationships and in society. They shall
work towards the realization and furtherance of justice in personal
lives and society.

3. Truthfulness & Personal Integrity : St. Joseph’s students shall
uphold Truthfulness and Personal Integrity in their lives and
choices. Truth may hurt, but it eventually heals and gives life.
4. Respectful Relationality : In their four-fold relationship – to God,
nature, fellow human beings and oneself, they shall have an
attitude of respect and reverence. For the whole creation
manifests the handiwork of God.
5. Service : St. Joseph’s Students shall commit themselves to study
and professional training for the ultimate purpose of placing their
skills and lives at the service of the fellow human beings and the
6. Synergic Co-operation : St. Joseph’s College OF Commerce
students shall prize co-operation and synergic collaboration in
group for the realization of goals. Any healthy competition shall be
supplemented by co-operation that is synergic [mutually
enhancing and productive]. Personal glory oriented competition is
not to be a Claretine value.
7. Intellectual Competence : Every Student shall strive to the best
of his/ her ability to achieve intellectual competence, which would
equip him/her to realize the creation of a civilization of love.
8. Holistic Development : St. Joseph’s College OF Commerce is
committed to bring out holistic development by adopting suitable
methods in teaching to endow personal and professional growth.

Natural Science Physical Science
CBZ : Chemistry, Botany, Zoology
MCB : Microbiology, Chemistry,
MCZ : Microbiology, Chemistry,
CBBT : Chemistry, Botany,
CZBT : Chemistry, Zoology,

PCM : Physics, Chemistry,
PEM : Physics, Electronics,
EMS : Economics, Mathematics,
PMC : Physics, Mathematics,
Computer Science

CEB : Chemistry, Environmental
Science, Botany
CEZ : Chemistry, Environmental
Science, Zoology

MEC : Mathematics,
Electronics, Computer Science

B. Sc. Courses

B A Courses

EJP: English,Journalism,Psychology
HEP: History,Economics,PoliticalScience
EPS: Economics,PoliticalScience,Sociology
IES: Industrialrelations,Economics,Sociology
CPE : Communicative English, Political Science, Economics

Vocational Courses

• BVMF: Visual Media and Film making
• BDMA : Digital Media and Animation

Professional Courses

BAVC: B.A.inVisualCommunication
BCA : Bachelor of Computer Applications

B.Com. Courses

• B.Com: Regular
B.Com: BPS
B.Com: (InternationalFinance

BBA: Regular
BBA: (Strategic Finance)

Postgraduate Courses

M. Sc. : Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Botany, Microbiology, Physics,
Food science & technology, Computer Science, Mathematics
M. A. : English, Economics, Political Science, Advertising and Public Relations

PG Professional Courses

MSW : College offers Community Development and Medical Psychiatry as
M.A.: Journalism
M.Sc. : Big Data Analytics

Objectives of St. Joseph’s College OF Commerce
1. To provide for value-based, meaningful and productive higher
2. To offer traditional, professional and employment-oriented regular
courses and innovative add-on courses that will equip the
youngsters for effective and fruitful personal and professional

3. To provide for on-going training, research and documentation at
the service of knowledge and life enhancement, and community
and nation building.
4. To create a scientific temper, research rigor, holistic vision and
leadership skills at the service of building up a better society.
5. To impart basic human values of peace, love, justice, compassion,
community-mindedness and a life of gratitude in the younger


• BBM programme aims at providing high quality professional education in Management
to form the young men and women of today to face the present day industrial and
business needs. The training programme is aimed at the development of the whole
person to equip him/her with all the required managerial skills.
• The teaching- learning methodology include role plays, industry and field visits, case
studies, projects, seminars and presentations in addition to classroom instruction with
the help of audio-visual aids.
• The students are encouraged to take up CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management
Accountants) SAP (Systems Applications and Products) programs during the course.
Classes are organized in the campus for these programs.
• All the students are recommended to own laptops for their personal study, project
preparations and presentations, class reports etc.
• Eligibility: 10+2 / Pre-University Course/Equivalent (During admissions, the College fixes
minimum cut off marks from the qualifying examination).
Add-on Courses offered as part of Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA)
I year Soft Skills
II & III year Coaching for Competitive Exams and Recruitment Exams


Bachelor of Business Administration
[BBA with Aviation]

For those looking for a rewarding and gratifying career in aviation, St Claret College has
partnered with BRADFORD Aviation Academy, a World Business Partner with Airports
Council International (ACI) Asia-Pacific.
The students are imparted training in tune with the requisites of contemporary aviation
world. Exposure to a multitude of topics are designed to churn out industry-ready
professionals. Topics such as Airport Operations Management, Meteorology, Aviation Law,
Green Field Airport Operations and Flight Operations are part of the curriculum. Upon
completion of the three-year program, the students earn a BBA degree from Bangalore
University along with a Diploma in International Airport Operations and Airline
Management, which qualifies them for a wide range of careers in the Tourism and Aviation
Advantage Bradford
• First Greenfield Airport Operations Training Centre by Aviation Professionals.
• Corporate trainers and professionals from the aviation industry to deliver excellence in
• Tailor-made Pragmatic Curriculum
• Job-oriented training programmes
• Curriculum at par with contemporary International standards
Member of Airport Council International, the only Global Trade Representative of world’s
Airports, providing information & training opportunities to raise standards around the
Eligibility: 10+2 / Pre-University Course/Equivalent (During admissions, the College fixes
minimum cut off marks from the qualifying examination).
Add-on Courses offered as part of B.Com (Regular) & B.Com (Professional with CA)
I year Diploma in Travel Management
II year Certificate Course in Airport Management
III year Certificate Course in Cargo Management

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA with Data Science (Business Analytics)]
Data Science is a blend of interdisciplinary fields like statistics, data management and
technology which can be applied to almost every domain or industry to extract knowledge
from data in various forms. Over the last decade there has been an enormous explosion in
the data, often called as Big Data, generated and retained by various organizations. Data
Scientists make sense out of all this Big Data by analysing it and figuring out immediately
what can be done with this data for the progress of the organization.
Realizing the growing demand of Data Science and Business Analytics industry in the
present world with multi fold increase in career opportunities, St. Joseph’s College OF

Commerce, in association with IMS ?Proschool, Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore offers the following
Diploma in Data Science (Analytics): 275 hours
Add-on Courses offered as part of BBA Data Science (Business Analytics)
I year Soft Skills
II & III year Coaching for Competitive Exams and Recruitment Exam

We provide direct admission in BBA in St. Joseph’s
College OF Commerce. You may contact @ 09108585198
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