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Our Vision
‘’St. Joseph’s College OF Commerce aspires to become an innovative university by developing
excellent human resources with leadership qualities, ethical and moral values, research culture
and innovative skills through higher education of global standards”.

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Our Mission
• To create excellent infrastructure facilities and state-of-the-art laboratories and incubation
• To provide student-centric learning environment through innovative pedagogy and education
• To encourage research and entrepreneurship through collaborations and extension activities
• To promote industry-institute partnerships and share knowledge for innovation and development
• To organize society development programs for knowledge enhancement in thrust areas
• To enhance leadership qualities among the youth and enrich personality traits, promote
patriotism and moral values.
Our Objectives
• Creation, preservation and dissemination of knowledge and attainment of excellence in different
• Smooth transition from teacher - centric focus to learner - centric processes and activities

• Performing all the functions of interest to its major constituents like faculty, staff, students and the
society to reach leadership position
• Developing a sense of ethics in the University and Community, making it conscious of its
obligations to the society and the nation
• Accepting the challenges of globalization to offer high quality education and other services in a
competitive manner.
We provide direct admission in BBA in St. Joseph’s
College OF Commerce College. You may contact

Core Values and Purpose
Every University aspires to inspire students and scholars to achieve excellence; it is more or less
the driving force of a successful institution. A University goes beyond conformity when its
approach to inspiring students changes with the time. The norms, requisites and standards of
educating the leaders of tomorrow are changing dynamically and it is imperative for a university
to keep up with the times to ensure a radical difference in the landscape of education.
On that Principle, the Core Values and Purpose of St. Joseph’s College OF Commerce is to:
• Attain excellence in different disciplines by creating, preserving and disseminating knowledge to
all aspiring students
• Draw inspiration from the University’s ethos and develop within its members a sense of
accountability towards their community, society and the nation at large
• Accept the challenges globalization and changing times throw at us to offer high quality
education and developmental services in a competitive manner
• Provide every opportunity to the University’s key constituents–its faculty, staff, students and the
community–to excel in their domain of expertise and contribute to every task with sincerity
• Transition from the teacher – centric focus to the learner - centric approach in imparting


Natural Science Physical Science
CBZ : Chemistry, Botany, Zoology
MCB : Microbiology, Chemistry,
MCZ : Microbiology, Chemistry,
CBBT : Chemistry, Botany,
CZBT : Chemistry, Zoology,
CEB : Chemistry, Environmental
Science, Botany
CEZ : Chemistry, Environmental
Science, Zoology

PCM : Physics, Chemistry,
PEM : Physics, Electronics,
EMS : Economics, Mathematics,
PMC : Physics, Mathematics,
Computer Science
MEC : Mathematics,
Electronics, Computer Science

B. Sc. Courses

B A Courses

EJP: English,Journalism,Psychology
HEP: History,Economics,PoliticalScience
EPS: Economics,PoliticalScience,Sociology
IES: Industrialrelations,Economics,Sociology
CPE : Communicative English, Political Science, Economics

Vocational Courses

• BVMF: Visual Media and Film making
• BDMA : Digital Media and Animation

Professional Courses

BAVC: B.A.inVisualCommunication
BCA : Bachelor of Computer Applications

B.Com. Courses

• B.Com: Regular
B.Com: BPS
B.Com: (InternationalFinance

BBA: Regular
BBA: (Strategic Finance)

Postgraduate Courses

M. Sc. : Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Botany, Microbiology, Physics,
Food science & technology, Computer Science, Mathematics
M. A. : English, Economics, Political Science, Advertising and Public Relations

PG Professional Courses

MSW : College offers Community Development and Medical Psychiatry as
M.A.: Journalism
M.Sc. : Big Data Analytics

St. Joseph’s College OF Commerce focuses on promoting all round development of its young
and dynamic students and strongly believes in providing an environment that would not only
stimulate intellect, but also promote mental and physical fitness. The sprawling campus of St.
Joseph’s College OF Commerce is spread over 45 acres of lush green land located very near to
the Bengaluru International Airport.
Being the dearest project of one of the most renowned developers of the city – DivyaSree
Developers, the St. Joseph’s College OF Commerce campus is a perfect blend of expert design
and thoughtful infrastructure that caters to every educational professional and recreational needs
of the students, faculty and staff on campus.
The infrastructural pride of the University is its Library and ICT block. Located at the heart of the
campus, the fully air-conditioned Library provides a mix of learning environments to meet various
student needs - be it a quiet, individual study space or a group discussion set-up or even a
technologically enabled atmosphere. The Library block holds an Information Centre with about
150 computers for the students to make absolute use of digital content and develop a broader
spectrum of research. Apart from the grand collection of books, journals, technical reports and
articles, the digital platform at the Library boasts about its subscriptions to more than 20,000
electronic journal titles, and innumerable collection of e-books and electronic reference material
central to every course at the University.
The spacious, well ventilated gallery classrooms at the Main Block accommodate students from
various course and academic years to interact and learn from peers and faculty. Each classroom
is IT enabled for an all inclusive approach for every teacher to use while interacting with
students. The multiple conference halls, seminar halls, meeting halls ,The youth of today
functions on a fitness mantra and ST. JOSEPH’S COLLEGE OF COMMERCE ensures that all
their recreational and fitness needs are met on campus through state-of-the-art indoor and
outdoor sports and games facilities. The ST. JOSEPH’S COLLEGE Canteen caters to the
students’ daily nourishment through one of the most modernized and centralized kitchen facilities
and a variety of offerings ranging from meals with South-Indian and North-Indian dishes, salads
and sweets to evening snacks and beverages.

ST. JOSEPH’S COLLEGE OF COMMERCE hostels are genuinely a home away from home.
Providing a comfortable and safe environment to its students is the University’s top most priority.
The in-campus departmental store, snack shop, book store and other such amenities ensure that
the students have all their basic requirements met easily on campus.
To provide a comfortable, entertaining and a wholesome stay on campus, the University
promotes celebration of several festivals and sports and cultural activities that encourage young
minds to engage in an all round development which is the primary aim of the University’s

Why BBA??
Have you always been interested in business management? Are you one of those who does not
want to opt for traditional programs in medicine and engineering? Then you should start your
career with Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree after 12 th . In recent times,
students prefer management courses at the undergraduate level more than traditional options
because of the flourishing career opportunities for MBA aspirants. You can fulfill your dream of
becoming a significant member of a managing team in an MNC or organization by pursuing a
course in BBA. With this degree, you can explore your interests in different areas including real
estate, marketing, international business, finance, computer information system, accounting and
many more. Read on to know more about the important aspects of a BBA course and why should
you be pursuing it.
1. Easier Access to Study MBA
Considering the popularity of an MBA degree, you should definitely go for BBA and boost your
chances of getting into a good B-school. The three-year program provides a foundation for
fundamental concepts of business and management. You can gain a lot of knowledge on topics
such as business law, computer fundamentals, accounting principles, etc. that will create a
strong background for MBA aspirants.
2. Excellent Career Opportunities
BBA graduates are highly employable by companies wherein they can progress to managerial
positions. Business administration graduates can also choose from a wide range of positions in a
company such as business manager, projects planner, human resource manager, sales
representative, banking, advertising, etc. Companies also recruit freshers as trainee employees
and absorb them considering their performance.
3. Study Multiple Subjects
The core subjects you will study as a BBA graduate are Marketing, Organization Behavior,
Strategic Management, Accounting, Human Resource Management. Your Bachelor’s course will
help you build a theoretical foundation along with practical knowledge through experiments and
projects. With so much of knowledge of these disciplines, you can easily choose your
specialization course while pursuing MBA.
4. Enhance your managerial skills
Apart from strengthening your communication, a BBA course also enhances your business and
managerial skills that is one of the most important requirements for a business management

graduate. While studying BBA, students can develop managerial perspective along with
entrepreneurial skills on completing the degree.
5. Market Requirements
With the sudden expansion of the Indian market, existing companies are increasing in size and
startups are also emerging rapidly. These big companies or startups seek candidates with sound
business knowledge and excellent interpersonal skills. BBA graduates with these skills can easily
find great opportunities and become a part of operations, marketing, core business, sales, or
strategy team.
St. Joseph’s College OF Commerce offers an industry integrated BBA program that aims to
bridge the gap between industry and academia. The industry-oriented curriculum of the course
enhances the business skills required for the global corporate world. The pedagogy to impart
education includes internships, project work, presentations, industrial visits, and challenging
assignments, apart from routine classroom sessions. Students can also take up various
certification courses offered by the University and specialize in various domains including
Marketing, Finance, HR, and Entrepreneurship.

We provide direct admission in BBA in St. Joseph’s
College OF Commerce College. You may contact

Important Milestones of the institution


Founded by Fathers of the French Foreign Mission, affiliated to
the University of Madras as a Second Grade College


Main building put up with enrollment of 350 students


University of Madras granted the Institution the status of a First
Grade College


The French Foreign Mission transferred administration to the


Following reorganisation of the state, College was affiliated to
Mysore University


College is granted permanent affiliation to Bangalore University


Commerce Sections and Evening College Sections separated


Centenary Year visit by H. E. Dr. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy,
President of India


UGC Recognition (UGC Act 1956): 2(f) status (23/12/1982)


UGC Recognition (UGC Act 1956): 12(B) status (28/5/1985)


First affiliated college in Karnataka to offer postgraduate


First college in Karnataka to get a Research Centre


NAAC Accreditation I Cycle: Four Star level, Score (70-75%)


Karnataka State Policy of Bifurcation: separation of St.
Joseph's PU College


Shifted to the New Buildings, its present location at #36
Lalbagh Road


Accredited by UGC as 'College with Potential for Excellence'
(CPE) (03/11/2004)


NAAC Accreditation II Cycle: 'A' level (Score 85.3%)


Celebration of 125th Anniversary: Chief Guest Sri. Somnath


Release of commemorative stamp by India Post (1/08/2009)


UGC: Extension of Autonomous Status (2010-2011 to 2015-


NAAC Accreditation III Cycle: 'A' level: Score (3.73/4)


Accredited by UGC as 'College for Excellence' (CE)


Inauguration of the Auditorium Complex


Granted status of DST-FIST College


UGC: Extension of Autonomous Status (2016-2022)


NAAC Accreditation IV Cycle: 'A++' level: Score (3.79/4)

Overview Training and Placement
The Training & Placement (T&P) Cell of St. Joseph’s College OF Commerce is the chief
facilitator for the students to obtain placements best suited to them and primarily liaisons
between Industry and the Institute. The goal of Training & Placement Cell is to provide world
class training to St. Joseph’s College OF Commerce students. The Cell has emerged as a
favored destination for many national and international organizations who come back year after
year to recruit fresh talent nurtured at the University. The Training & Placement Cell is dedicated
to motivate and help the student community towards their campus placements and industrial
training. This is done by training students from the first year onwards focusing on motivational
skills, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, leadership qualities, group discussions
and interview techniques. Additionally, the Cell also provides the required infra-structural facilities
to conduct group discussions, tests and interviews besides catering to other logistics. The
database of the students is managed by the cell, which plays a crucial role in suitably placing the
alumni too whenever required.
To be the preferred choice of top companies in India for Campus recruitment by consistently
enhancing and harnessing the competencies of students, matching to the dynamic needs of the
corporate world and creating value for all the stakeholders.

Our Training philosophy is to provide a range of relevant learning opportunities that support and
develop students at different stages of their academics. In order to execute this effectively, we
collaborate with a range of Industries and Companies across various sectors. This helps identify
training needs and design and facilitate training programs to students accordingly. Right from the
first semester students undergo a mandatory semester long training integrated with their
curriculum. The training modules are constantly upgraded based on research and interactions

with the recruiters to understand their expectations from students and create an annual roadmap
for training.
The department executes the training plan after recognizing the core competencies of students
and consistently tracks the students’ performance to ensure improvement through periodic
assessment tests. These periodic assessment tests aid students identify their areas of strength
which they can upgrade further, and their areas of improvement which they can focus on.
We have well-planned and structured modules on aptitude, technical skills development,
communication and personality development programs to prepare our students for a highly
competitive future. The University provides world class infrastructural facilities to conduct all
required pre-placement and placement activities.
Goals of Training
To be the preferred choice of major companies and industries the Training and Placement Cell
has specific goal which include -
• In which Students are vigorously trained on Core technical, aptitude, coding, reasoning skills and
Verbal ability.
• Students are company specifically trained by the industry veterans to match the industry
• Students are exposed to placement mock tests & interview, so that they will get real time
experience and also learn strategic time management.
• Provide Intensive Soft Skills and Personality Development Training to promote and foster their
ability to see a task through its conclusion.
• To provide individuals with the tools to respond effectively to industry needs keeping in mind the
current and future demands.
The Placement Department undertakes the following activities to achieve the desired results and
sets targets. The department handles all aspects of campus placements for the graduating
students at St. Joseph’s College OF Commerce. The Placement wing provides employment
opportunities to students through campus recruitments, pooled campus and off campus
recruitments. The Placement process is initiated with a clear focus on the students from all
academic levels. All levels of the companies are contacted and invited for the campus
recruitment drive which matches with different academic levels of students. Branch specific core

companies are focused equally to ensure students obtain the right match of their passion and
competency. The department is well equipped with excellent infra-structure to support every
stage of the placement process. Arrangement for Pre-Placement Talks, interviews, Group
Discussions etc. are all handled by the staff at the office.
Goals of Placement
• The primary goal of the Placement cell is to provide students and alumni with the tools and skills
they need to advance their careers
• Providing comprehensive career services including individual advising/counseling to students
and alumni
• To maintain analytics of percentage of conversion of every stage of selection process and focus
on improving the percentage of conversion consistently
• Building and maintaining dynamic relationships with a large pool of talent acquisition team of the
Companies through various professional bodies or network groups
Placement Process
• A cordial Invite is sent to the companies inviting them to visit St. Joseph’s College OF Commerce
and participate in the campus recruitment process
• Companies are requested to furnish entire details of the open position like Job title , description ,
eligibility criteria , salary structure etc, the same would be communicated to the students
• Suitable dates for the campus recruitment drive would be decided as per mutual convenience
and students would be informed about the same
• All students who are eligible for the campus placement drive report at the college before the
stipulated time and mark their signature on the registration sheet
• The students are seated in the respective Seminar hall/ Auditorium notified for the pre –
placement talks The company would first initiate the pre-placement talk wherein they provide a
clear picture about the company and the current job position and benefits etc
• After the pre-placement talk, the companies would initiate the written test followed group
discussion or by series of Interviews technical, HR rounds etc
• After the completion of the selection procedure on-campus, most of the companies would
announce the final list of selected students and offer letters will be rolled out to the prospective

Sports, Health and Fitness
Taking part in sports at the University is a great way to keep fit, make friends and unwind after
academic work studies. ST. JOSEPH’S COLLEGE OF COMMERCE has outdoor and indoor
sports facilities including Gymnasium, Badminton, Table Tennis, Volley ball, Basket ball, Football
and Cricket stadium. The multi-gym station helps them to of their interest and keep fit and
healthy for studies.

We provide direct admission in BBA in St. Joseph’s
College OF Commerce College. You may contact

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