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Founded in 1882 by Father of the French foreign Mission as St. Joseph’s College Of Commerce, it
undertook path-breaking initiatives in Indian higher education with the introduction of innovative
and modern curricula, insistence on academic discipline, imparting of Holistic Education and
adoption of global higher education practices with the support of creative and dedicated staff. In
2004, the College was declared as a ‘College of Potential Excellence’ by the University
Grants Commission, New Delhi, along with 47 other colleges in the country.
The multi-disciplinary University which focuses on teaching research and service offers Bachelors to
Doctoral programmes in humanities, social sciences, science, commerce, management, engineering,
education, and law to over 21000 students. The campus is a living example for the harmonious
multiculturalism with students from all the states of India and around 60 different countries. ST.
JOSEPH’S (publishes six peer-reviewed research journals and has published more than 300 books in
Kannada and English. A promoter of sports, music and literary activities, it is a nurturing ground for
creative excellence.
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'Light and Prosperity': To provide intellectual and moral leadership by igniting the minds of youth to
realize their potential and make positive contributions leading to prosperity of the society and the
nation at large.
St. Joseph’s College Of Commerce strives to provide educational opportunities to all aspiring youth
to excel in life by nurturing academic excellence, fostering values, creating civic responsibility and
building global competencies in a dynamic environment.'
• To provide a nurturing and trusting environment to learn and grow.
• To ensure that the youth get adequate opportunities to identify and develop their skills.
• To prepare the individual for employment and advancement in their chosen career.
• To mould individuals into integrated personalities who are intellectually competent,
spiritually mature, physically strong and socially sensitive.
• To develop a lifelong desire in individuals to learn and to create a positive change in the
society and contribute to the economic development of the nation.
Core Values
We believe that faith in God is the beginning of true wisdom and the anchor of life. Human life
would be meaningless without faith in oneself and others too. The college provides a platform to
grow in faith, the bedrock of holistic growth.

We believe that honesty, sincerity and justice signify the core of a person's character. We adhere to
the highest ethical standards in all the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in order
to nurture integrated persons for the future of our nation and world at large.
We believe that dignity of the human person is the foundation for empowerment and socio-
economic transformation. We shall strive to uplift the dignity of the socially disadvantaged,
marginalized and the underprivileged through genuine love and service.
We believe that hardwork, commitment and dedication produce excellence in all spheres of life. The
management, faculty and administration set high benchmarks of academic and holistic excellence
and provide innovative, student-centred, globally competent processes and services for the success
of every Jayantian.
Principal's Message
We are a college of 135 years imparting graduate, postgraduation and research
education. One of the oldest colleges of the state, we are ever new. While we take
pride in our traditions, we are never complacent. We keep on searching, renewing and
expanding, attempting to be ever relevant to the changing situations of the times. That
is why we enjoy a place of eminence among educational institutions in the country.
In 2004, the College was declared as a ‘College of Potential Excellence’ by the
University Grants Commission, New Delhi, along with 47 other colleges in the country.
After examining the academic level of the college, St. Joseph’s was declared as an
autonomous college by the Karnataka Government in 2005 on the recommendation of
the University Grants Commission, New Delhi. The College is re-accredited by the
National Assessment and Accreditation Council with 'A' securing 3.73 out of 4 GPA in
March, 2012 which is one of the highest in India.
I wish everyone at Joseph's a fruitful time.


Natural Science Physical Science
CBZ : Chemistry, Botany, Zoology
MCB : Microbiology, Chemistry,
MCZ : Microbiology, Chemistry,
CBBT : Chemistry, Botany,
CZBT : Chemistry, Zoology,

PCM : Physics, Chemistry,
PEM : Physics, Electronics,
EMS : Economics, Mathematics,
PMC : Physics, Mathematics,
Computer Science
MEC : Mathematics,

CEB : Chemistry, Environmental
Science, Botany
CEZ : Chemistry, Environmental
Science, Zoology

Electronics, Computer Science

B. Sc. Courses

B A Courses

EJP: English,Journalism,Psychology
HEP: History,Economics,PoliticalScience
EPS: Economics,PoliticalScience,Sociology
IES: Industrialrelations,Economics,Sociology
CPE : Communicative English, Political Science, Economics

Vocational Courses

• BVMF: Visual Media and Film making
• BDMA : Digital Media and Animation

Professional Courses

BAVC: B.A.inVisualCommunication
BCA : Bachelor of Computer Applications

B.Com. Courses

• B.Com: Regular
B.Com: BPS
B.Com: (InternationalFinance

BBA: Regular
BBA: (Strategic Finance)

Postgraduate Courses

M. Sc. : Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Botany, Microbiology, Physics,
Food science & technology, Computer Science, Mathematics
M. A. : English, Economics, Political Science, Advertising and Public Relations

PG Professional Courses

MSW : College offers Community Development and Medical Psychiatry as
M.A.: Journalism
M.Sc. : Big Data Analytics

We provide direct admission in BBA in St. Joseph’s
College. You may contact @9620534714

Educational Philosophy
St. Joseph’s College, the place where an educational legacy of more than a century meets modernity,
is a unique entity in the fabric of Higher Education in India. The educational philosophy of the
academy envisions to weld in the individual academic excellence with holistic development. This
pedagogy is encapsulated in the mission which focuses on the overall growth of the students to
become responsible citizens, intellectually alert and active, to grow with mutual respect and co-
operation, transforming them into morally sensitive leaders of the future.
This educational paradigm encompasses four pillars:

(i) Knowledge (ii) Skills (iii) Values (iv) Attitude.
i) Knowledge: Sa vidya vimuktaye (knowledge emancipates). Seeking to integrate education to meet
global needs, national development, social responsibility. St. Joseph’s College imparts knowledge
with a quest for excellence. The curriculum stipulated by Bangalore University is enhanced through
Value Added Courses, Certificate Courses, Institution Industry Interface, Seminars, Workshops, MDP,
Panel Discussions, etc. The technology driven pedagogy is supplemented by an interactive and
experiential learning experience.
ii) Skills: Global competency necessitates an academic ambience strengthened with necessary skills
for a prospective career. The students are equipped with requisite skills through streamlined co-
curricular and extra-curricular programme. While the various departmental associations and clubs
provide the system and platform for skill development, the literary and cultural association and
sports and games club chisel the students holistically. The finer aspects of soft skills are imbibed
through various training and personality development programme.
(iii) Values: An enlightened society is one that is value driven. In the present milieu, marked by
constantly changing cultural systems, a value based education is the need of the hour. The Value
Instruction Course (VIC) during the first year of the degree programme transmits to the necessary
values for the youth. Talks by experts and Social Outreach Programme for the second year provide
the vital components of personal and social integrity.
iv) Attitude: The institute has well-defined organizational culture. The code of behaviour and
etiquette instills in the young minds the need for a disciplined lifestyle and respect for fellow beings.

Centre for Research
Aspiring towards global competency by creating a conducive physical and intellectual environment
to infuse a culture of research that contribute towards transformation of the society'.
The Centre for Research actively promotes research and inculcates research culture. It aims to
accelerate the research temper of the college through innovative projects, publications and research

• To inculcate research culture in the institution
• To publish innovative research articles with high impact factor
• To undertake research projects of international / national funding agencies
• To motivate faculty members in filing patents
• To foster research collaboration with external organisations
• To contribute to societal development through research extension
Commerce Research Centre
The Department of Commerce PG of the college has striven tirelessly in pursuit of excellence in
commerce education and inculcates research culture among the students. The Department was
established in 2008 with an objective to create quality teachers, researchers and to make the
students to meet the challenges in industry. The department has got approval from Bangalore

University to start research center in commerce in 2018 -19 Academic Year. A number of research
papers have been published in national and international research journals and some of the research
papers have appeared in journals with high impact factor. The college library has more than 30,000
commerce related books, 200 journals and 45000 + online journals and books for the purpose of
carrying out the research. The department strongly believes that it will produce quality researchers
in commerce and quality research work.

We provide direct admission in BBA in St. Joseph’s
College. You may contact @9620534714

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
Bachelor of Business Administration is a 3 year (6 semesters) regular programme offered by
Bangalore University to the under graduate students, which aims at providing high quality
professional education management to enthusiastic young minds who wish to join as management
executives in industry, business or non-profit organisations and to seek managerial and
entrepreneurial abilities. It also provides the right foundation to those who aim to take up
specialisations in post graduate management studies. It offers wide range of opportunities to the
students to excel in their areas of interest and acquire the skills required to be the future managers.
Eligibility Criteria:
Students securing 40% aggregate marks including languages in PUC/10+2/ any equivalent is eligible.

The College Library is a gateway to a world of information. The staff and students have unlimited
access to a wealth of Information found in resources like books, magazines, Journals, statistics,
encyclopedias, annual reports and the Internet. In addition, the library offers spacious seating
arrangements and a calm ambience for learning.

Opening Hours
The Library is available for the use of all members of St. Joseph’sCollege. Its working hours are
8.30am to 7.00pm Monday to Friday and 8:30am to 4.00pm Saturday.


The ST. JOSEPH’S Library allows access to printed resources such as books, Journals and Magazines
as well as Electronic Journals for the use of faculty and students at St. Joseph’sCollege.
• Automated library enables easy accessibility and optimum usage.
• Reading room, discussion room and self-study cubicles exclusively for faculty and students *
OPAC facility is installed for easy search
• OPAC facility is installed for easy search
• Wireless router is installed to facilitate internet usage and laptop connectivity
• Reprographic facility
• Display of newspaper clippings on current topics and career / employment
• Book bank facility for economically backward students
• Notice board for information display and notification
• Continuous power backup facility
• Competitive exam material
• Mass subscription of dailies / journals for students

Collection Development
Books from vendors on approval will be available in the library from time to time. Faculties are
encouraged to purchase the Titles in display and make recommendations. Recommendation forms
are available at the library. Selected new books will be a displayed and are reserve for a period of
two weeks before being available for general circulation.
Any student may recommend new books & Journal Subscription. The Library Committee will decide
based on the input from faculty and the academic need..
We provide direct admission in BBA in St. Joseph’s
College. You may contact @9620534714

Circulation of Materials
Students may borrow books or Journals during working hours at the library Circulation Counter. A
Student may borrow a maximum of three books, two Journals & two CD's to their name. The books
are issued for Students maximum Ten days & for faculty maximum ten books for one month and
then they may be renewed if no reservations on the items indicated. Journals and CD's may be
issued for maximum three days for students and one week for faculty. Books & Journals placed on
reserve by the library staff, are not issued out.
The Library materials in certain advertised categories may not be issued without special permission:
• Un Bound Parts/Current Issues of Journals.
• Encyclopedias.

• Dictionaries
• Reference Books
Total Number of Books: 49642+
Project Reports: 2700+
Bound Volumes: 2504+
Periodicals: 280
National: 190, International: 90
Case Studies: 03
Newspapers: 12
Databases: 07
CDs / DVDs and Non-Book, Audio Cassettes & Maps: 2,735+
Online Journals/Resources
St. Joseph’s College of Commerce Library subscribes to online full text Journals & Resources. It
regularly adds new Journals & Resources to the Collection for the benefits & easy access to all the
users. Downloading entire issues/volumes of these resources is legally incorrect; as it goes against
the license agreement we have entered with the publishers. Thus we would emphasize that these
resources have been governed by license agreements and copyright law. Download of entire journal
issue or complete volume in a systematic fashion is strictly prohibited. The responsibility for the
appropriate use of licensed material lies with the user. The misuse of or unauthorized use of licensed
information could result in cancellation of the services. All ST. JOSEPH’S library users must respect
the licensed agreements & copyrights and make use of these resources fairly. This service is available
to St. Joseph’s College Network users only.

Code of Conduct
1. On entering the library, one should enter their name and signature in the registration book.
2. Borrowing materials without a valid Identity card number is prohibited.
3. The use of another's Identity card is prohibited.
4. Do not reshelf Books, Periodicals etc., leave them on the tables properly after use.
5. Talking is strictly prohibited in the Library.
6. Personal belongings must be left in the provided cupboards. The Library is not responsible
for any item left in the Library.
7. Food or Drink is not allowed in the Library.
8. Laptop if used in the library must have its own power and cable connector.
9. Cell phones are to be set in the "OFF" or "VIBRATOR" mode prior to entering the Library
10. The use of pen drive is strictly prohibited in the library.
11. Students must take care of Library Materials and must not deface them by underlining,
writing or drawing in them, tearing any part of them, or in any other way.
12. Library is a place of Individual study, Library members should maintain an atmosphere of
dignity, peace and silence within the Library.
Academic Arena
Well equipped and state-of-the-art labs with updated technology is one of strongest assets of the
college. Practical sessions provide authentic and current knowledge to every budding scientist. The
college takes pride at its labs that harbours favourable nurturing ground for personal growth,
research and social progress. The maximum number of graduate students who return for post-

graduation itself is an evidence of the quality of labs that the college offers. The college has
computer labs, bio-science labs, psychology lab, commerce lab, language lab and multimedia center
to give practical training in respective field.
Sports Division
St. Joseph’s College of Commerce is well known for its performance and achievements in sports and
games. The Sports department coordinates the events which help students to perform well in all
sports and game events at University, State and National Level. The Department in collaboration
with many recognized coaches give coaching to students in various games like basketball, football,
cricket, throwball, volleyball, badminton and table tennis. An outstanding state-of- the-art facilities
to coach students and considerable investment every year to have quality equipments is a
commitment the college undertakes.
The College Teams participate in all inter-collegiate tournaments conducted by various colleges and
Universites like, " SPIEL Tournament", "CRISPO", Bangalore University North and South Zone
Tournament, UVCE ETC.
Many students were selected for different Games at State Level, and have also been recipients of
the National Level Games.

We provide direct admission in BBA in St. Joseph’s
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The college cafeteria is the pulse of the campus. It is a spacious area that provides a wide range of
hygienic food at affordable price. It is a popular hub on the campus not only for the physical
refreshment but also for student bonding and discussions.

We provide direct admission in BBA in St. Joseph’s
College of Commerce. You may contact @9620534714

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