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Academics Excellence:
The College places high value on academics excellence. The courses are rigorous and
needed daily application. Presentations and participation in seminars and workshops
are part of academics life, since they train students in critical and scientific thinking.
Students may join at least one of the many Associations of the college and thus
experience intellectual growth and develop a spirit of inquiry.
Character Formation:
Character development is the essential aspect of education. Character includes
behaviour, values and attitudes to life and to others. Essentials to any character
formation is self – disiciplane. The rules of discipline in the college are meant for
social well-being, order and harmony.
Social Concern:
Preparing persons for the services of others is the aims of educations in ChristCollege.
At The heart of the college in Social Concern. Students are expected to be sensitive to
the poor and be persons of concern, compassion and conscience.

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The jesuit view of Higher education has never been a simplistic and one-sided one. It
concerns all round development with a special focus on critical praxis that engages
students to yoke their academics excellence, their character development and their
personal concern to the transformation of society deeply disturbed by inequality and
injustice. The students that passes through jesuit higher education cannot remain
isolated from the economics, political and cultural fabric of his/ her society. It is
integral to higher education that he / she becomes aware of and is involved in the
everyday realities of society. It is the jesuit ideal that solidarity with the people can
only be achieved by 'contact' and 'participation' in the daily life of the marginalized. It
is therefore the firm conviction of Jesuit Higher Education that 'personal involvement
with innocent suffering, with the injustice other suffer, is the catalyst for solidarity
which then gives rise to intellectual inquiry and moral reflections'.
In alignment with Jesuits Higher Education purposes, the University Grants
Commission, the Higher Education Authority in India, has recognized the relevance and
importance of the purposes and practice to 'Extension' as integral to the process of
learning. Hence it expects universities and colleges, given their knowledge, human
resources and infrastructure, to become positive change – makers who would empower
the marginalized of the society.
The Outreach program draws its inspiration from the college's vision of formimg women
and men for others. It will provide students with a platform to explore and develop the
art of critical thinking, the skill of leadership and techniques of meaningful
interventions aimed at building a just equitable society . It further draws its roots from
the Brizilian educator Paulo Friere's Philosophy of Action – Reflection – Praxis.

In the view of the UGC and the NAAC recommendations on Extension, the objective of
the outreach programme is to extend knowledge and other institutional resources to the
community and vice – versa. It is two – way process between the institution and the
people, an intellectual intervention in the community's living problems which need to be
overcome through an educational process. Extension is a perfect blend of theory with
It will orient the students with the skills required in community development and would
sensitize them towards various issues of these marginalized groups and instill enough
confidence and satisfaction for taking up the cause of the development of those

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As the name of the programme itself – BEMBALA suggests, it aims to reach out the
deprived groups and vulnerable sections of society and create opportunities for
education, awareness and skill enhancement. It intend to create a learning process for
faculty and students through exposure to community needs, problems, and issues. It
hopes to reach out to the community by designing need based interventions and
generating research.
Eventually it will facilitate networking and linkages of the community with NGOs,
institutions, and government agencies for the effective service delivery and advocacy
support. It also hopes to link up with the corporate sector within the parameters of
Corporate Social Responsibilities ( CSR ).
There are two stages in the outreach Program:
1. The Preparation Stage: In this stage students will be equipped with the required
knowledge, through HRD classes, Talks and Documentaries. In this Process Students
will be able to identify students leaders and the leaders will also undergo a special
training to lead the class for the outreach activity
2. The practical Stage : In this stage, the actual out - reach begins and there will be a
continuous evaluations, assessment of the experiences in the programme and
ongrowing formation talks.

The Department of Commerce offers a three-year Regular B.Com course alongside an
Industry Integrated B.Com course. Both courses are divided into six semesters. A
degree in Commerce opens up opportunities in higher education for graduates to
pursue Master's-level courses. A B.Com graduate also has opportunities to apply for
professional courses in commerce and accountancy.

The Regular B.Com course caters to students who desire to build their professional
competence with specialized knowledge in the field of Commerce. It facilitates students
to acquire adequate knowledge in the field of Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Human
Resource and Marketing. It encourages students to pursue professional courses such
as Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretary. The programme includes
internship, project, and viva voce and inter-disciplinary certificate courses. The
Programme also offers CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) in the fourth Semester
that is inter-disciplinary in nature. The syllabus has been approved by the Board of
Studies and comes into force from the academic year 2016 -17.
The Industry Integrated course is career oriented in its design, course structure and
teaching – learning process. The innovative curriculum has been designed and
developed by duly considering the desired level of knowledge and skills required to
meet the ever-changing global business environment.
To impart value based quality education to serve the ever-changing global needs in the
field of commerce by preparing men and women who will be agents of change.
Mission Statement
The Department of Commerce strives to provide quality Commerce education by
adopting effective teaching – learning processes along with developing the required
values, skills and attitudes to create business leaders with a passion for the world of
business who will understand the economic, social, and global context of business.
Focus of the papers
The course provides a platform for experimental learning and grooms students towards
industry specific curriculum with focused approach on specific areas in the field of
Commerce. The highlights of the course are:
The Department Of Commerce offers two separate courses namely BCom Regular and
BCom Industry Integrated. Two papers are common to both the courses in all
semesters while two papers in each semester are different in all semesters. Both the
curriculum and course content is presented below for the regular B.Com course.
The curriculum beginning from the academic year 2016 offers a variety of papers in the
discipline of Commerce, with each set of papers catering to a particular nature of
subjects. The syllabi for the V, VI semester will be put up once the Board of Studies
meets and approves the content of the papers. The focus the papers are as follows:
The necessary courses in the subject of accounting are, Financial Accounting I,
Financial Accounting II, Corporate Accounting, Management Accounting, Cost
Accounting I and Cost Accounting II
Financial Management, Banking and Insurance and Financial Markets and Institutions
are papers catering to the subject of finance.
The curriculum caters to the field of management through the papers, Principles of
Management, Human Resource Management and Marketing Management.
Business Law and Companies Act 2013 are papers that give students a view of
commerce from a legal perspective.
The paper on Entrepreneurship Development caters to the field of Entrepreneurial

The curriculum has two courses in economics namely Managerial Economics and
Macro Economics and Indian Economic Environment which provide knowledge in the
subject of Economics.
A paper each in Business Statistics and Mathematics for Managers provide the
necessary quantitative skills.
The course also covers papers in Income Tax, Auditing, E-Commerce and Operations
The Department offers five Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) Papers out of which at
a time four will be offered.
The Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) offers papers from various fields of
Commerce which includes Basic Accounting, Entrepreneurial Development, Foundation
on Income Tax, Marketing Management and Fundamentals of Stock Markets.
Students will intern for a period of 6 weeks after the completion of the fourth semester
during the summer break.

We provide direct admission in BBA in St. Joseph’s College
OF Commerce.You may contact @9620534714


Natural Science Physical Science
CBZ : Chemistry, Botany, Zoology
MCB : Microbiology, Chemistry,
MCZ : Microbiology, Chemistry,
CBBT : Chemistry, Botany,
CZBT : Chemistry, Zoology,
CEB : Chemistry, Environmental
Science, Botany
CEZ : Chemistry, Environmental

PCM : Physics, Chemistry,
PEM : Physics, Electronics,
EMS : Economics, Mathematics,
PMC : Physics, Mathematics,
Computer Science
MEC : Mathematics,
Electronics, Computer Science

Science, Zoology

B. Sc. Courses

B A Courses

EJP: English,Journalism,Psychology
HEP: History,Economics,PoliticalScience
EPS: Economics,PoliticalScience,Sociology
IES: Industrialrelations,Economics,Sociology
CPE : Communicative English, Political Science, Economics

Vocational Courses

• BVMF: Visual Media and Film making
• BDMA : Digital Media and Animation

Professional Courses

BAVC: B.A.inVisualCommunication
BCA : Bachelor of Computer Applications

B.Com. Courses

• B.Com: Regular
B.Com: BPS
B.Com: (InternationalFinance

BBA: Regular
BBA: (Strategic Finance)

Postgraduate Courses

M. Sc. : Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Botany, Microbiology, Physics,
Food science & technology, Computer Science, Mathematics
M. A. : English, Economics, Political Science, Advertising and Public Relations

PG Professional Courses

MSW : College offers Community Development and Medical Psychiatry as
M.A.: Journalism
M.Sc. : Big Data Analytics

St. Joseph’s College OF Commerce is a legacy; it’s an institution that has stood of the
test of time. Since 1882 this college has been making and men and women for other.
This college stands on three pillars, academic excellence, Character formation and
Social Concern. Out students are embodied with these values and they resonate the
same as they pass out of college and take up careers in various walks of life.
Alumni/Alumnus of this college is all over the world in various positions, Governmental,
Non-Governmental, International and National organizations, and Corporate etc. Hiring
and working with a Josephite for sure will be a great experience. The College believes
that establishing links between education and labor market is an important motivator
for undergraduate and post graduate students pursuing their education. The Office of
Student Placement and Skill Development works primarily towards providing an
opportunity for our students to world of employment/entrepreneurship and to discover
new career options for the enhancement of the larger good of self and the world.
As a College of Excellence (UGC), Christ’s College is a place where innovation blends
with our time-tested tradition.

We provide direct admission in BBA in St. Joseph’s College
OF Commerce.You may contact @9620534714

Infrastructure - Overview
Christs College is located in the heart of the city and provides the best infrastructural
facilities which to a large number of students for various courses. The College has ICT
enabled classrooms, facilities for sports and games, auditoriums, an observatory, along
with recreational and hygiene spaces. The College also has two libraries; one in the
Post Graduate section and the other in the Unger Graduate campus.

Two full-fledged canteens and a kiosk cater to the differing taste of students and staff
in the campus.
A dedicated examination wing spread over two floors with ample working space for
teaching staff and dedicated counters for students has been set up in the UG campus
of the institution.
State of the art laboratories is maintained for all disciplines in both the UG and the PG
campuses. For the Journalism course, a language lab has been made available for the
use of the students. High-end equipment and studios with the latest technology and
best in class editing suites for both video editing and sound design are provided for
students from the visual communications stream.
The classrooms are all furnished with comfortable seating arrangements. The
classrooms also have ample natural light along with good air circulation. All the
classrooms in the campus have ICT facility.
The entire campus, both UG and PG are WiFi enabled, which can be freely accessed
by both students and members of the staff.
The college is sensitive to the needs of differently abled students/staff and provides
facilities to meet their requirements. The college has ramps, railings along stairs,
elevators, and wheelchairs to provide access to all areas of the campus. The college
has provided a separate washroom for the differently abled staff and students. The
college has three wheelchairs in each block, one washroom, and three ramps. Lifts are
available in all three blocks. College provides the visually challenged students with
Readers; availability of devices such as computers with screen reading software, low-
vision aids, scanners, mobility devices, etc.
The college has separate hostel facilities for men and women students. The college
has two men‘s hostels, one within the campus and another hostel located 6 KM away
from campus.
The auditorium complex is a dedicated state of the art space in the UG campus. There
are ATM’s from two banks attached to the PG block for the use of students.

We provide direct admission in BBA in St. Joseph’s College
OF Commerce.You may contact @9620534714

Student Support Cells
The Student Support Cells in College have been constituted keeping in mind the
welfare and to extend continuous help to students. The Cells are structured with
administrative bodies consisting of teachers, College management, and in some cases
the parents.
The College strictly implements the smooth functioning of the Student Support Cells,
with emphasis on stringent quality measures and a foolproof style of functioning. All
students of the College have the right to approach any of these Cells with their
grievances, whereby the matter will be looked into in absolute detail and swiftly

Sports plays a crucial role in the all round development of a student. When effective
pedagogic practices form one part of good education, sports enable students to lead a
life of fitness and sharpen their competitive spirit. In the contemporary world of team
work, quick decision making, and effective manoeuvring, sporting activities provide
multi-layered skills to succeed in the world.
The Department of Sports keeps a keen eye to spot and develop talented

Inter-class sports competitions are held to encourage maximum participation of
students in sports and games. Representing the College in University level, state level,
international levels are encouraged wholeheartedly by the institution.
The College has dynamic teams for cricket, football, basketball, throwball, table tennis.
The college also has an athletic team and provides ample guidance and support for
kabbadi, swimming, and chess to name a few.

We provide direct admission in BBA in St. Joseph’s College
OF Commerce. You may contact @9620534714

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