Is this still the latest way to make glass?

11 March 2019 00:50
Hey there,

is this still the latest way to make glass?

I didn't want to go down this path only to find there's a better way to do it.

13 March 2019 09:45
I think so, if you want high-end glass with refraction. There is also a "simpler" glass without refraction in the material library called "clean glass", which is still very complex IMO, and I also didn't like the DIRT/WORN effect on that glass, so I made my own simplified glass which has much less nodes and is actually clean, LOL. I used this tutorial as a basis.
15 March 2019 03:37
Thanks Blend4Life,

where abouts is the material library?

And yeah i went for this in the end…

to end up looking like this…

15 March 2019 09:40
The material library is in /blender/material_library. There are subfolders like "glass" and every material has its own .blend file with object(s) to showcase the material.
And yeah i went for this in the end…

Yeah, that's almost exactly my setup as well. Looks good on your models. Sober and realistic. I found the B4W glass with the "matcap" highlights too excessive, but their setups are very good for dirty and scratched glass and also for putting scratches and water stains on chrome:
20 March 2019 08:18
Thanks Blend4Life,

I'm only using the blend4web addon, so I wouldn't have access to those material libraries would I?
20 March 2019 21:21
Well, you could simply download the Blend4Web CE, extract it and take out the materials you like. Although there are just a few (I guess the bulk of them ships only with the PRO version), it's better than nothing and you can use them to make your own ones.
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