Interactive graphics

12 March 2019 20:20

I'm new to blender, but very eager to get started.
I was wondering whether it would be possible to receive values from a different website (via for example a interactive TXT document or excelsheet) and use them in Blend4web as values for the Transform object or Apply Key Shape so that i can change the shape of an object with these values.

It's meant for an online auction; the higher the prizes get, the bigger I want the items to look.
But I've found no way as of yet how to include variable numeric values from a outside source.

Is it even possible, and if so, how to go about it!

Thanks in advance,
13 March 2019 09:51
Yes, it can be done:

Demonstration: LINK

Download: see attached

This little demo updates the B4W scene in real time with data coming from two HTML input boxes, size and color.

All you have to do now is to replace the input boxes' data with data that actually comes from a remote server, for example by using websockets:
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