Browser issues

15 March 2019 19:32
Hello !

1) I've been using firefox to launch a B4W project from the project manager. I've had issues with the frame rate falling to 18/20, it caused the virtual environnement to shut down unexpectedly or at least being very slow. I searched an answer trought the forum and learned the issue might be linked to a memory leak with firefox. The problem was encountered both with the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.
Do you know if there is some kind of a patch to fixe this issue ?

2) Then I tried with chromium. I enabled all the flags needed (and even more), but with the "OpenVR" button VR won't open in the HTC Vive. I don't understand why. So I tried with the code snippet from B4W and the OpenVR button doesn't even appear with chromium (nore Google Chrome) …
Did I enabled too many flags ? Is B4W compatible with chromium ?

I hope I am as clear as possible, tell me if you need more info.

Thanks, Marie-Philippine
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