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04 December 2015 15:50
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No pain, no gain.
14 December 2015 15:48

I am using two cameras in my file. I wanna show my 1st camera animation for the first button click and I wanna show the 2nd Camera animation for the second button click.

Can you help me with this.
14 December 2015 18:29
Hello and welcome to out forum :)

Can you please specify little more? You want to switch between cameras by click? Maybe try logic nodes then
17 November 2016 23:42

I want to create a particle system witch allows me to get behaviour control of each particule.

to be more precise and for the beginning I would love to get particules within a certain diameter around the mouse area to be attracted to the mouse.

I am just wondering if something like that can be done within the node editor or if I need to continue thinking around the particles system which allows me to use the wind (which seems to be a bit too basic)

last would be doing some code and build a particle emitter from scratch but do not know how to begin that…

Please help!
Curious Forever
18 November 2016 13:52
Currently, logic nodes are not capable of using mouse position.
Honestly, I don't see a really straightforward way to implement such feature.
I think, two approaches can be used both of which require some coding.
1) Particles can be represented as an object with a descent amount of vertices. After calculating the required positions you need to pass them to the override_geometry function.

2) Create several billboard objects and move all them according to the mouse position.

Which method is preferable depends on how many particles you need in the scene.
21 November 2016 14:17
Okay ! thank you for your reply! I'll have a closer look to that.

Therefore is there any tutorial you can advise me to dive into B4W and code? (or like a startup file on witch it is easy to plug some new little features, functions, classes, etc…)

On my side (Designer background) I started coding with AS3 and that's how I started to understand how to spacialize in 3D with the MrDoob classes which became lately three.js ; Very flex but painful coding wise. And hard to end up with a rich 3D experience.

In the meantime I was already using Blender at that time for modeling/sculpting and build more complex scenes.

And always dreamed about merging both capabilities (code and 3D) from a designer perspective — That explains my extreme interest with B4W. CONGRATS for this html5 exporter. I feel something very strong for the futur here

Now that I see B4W capabilities facing Unity (for example) with some strong advantages I hope it will evolve not only from a gaming functionalities perspective but also for 3D space experiences and interactivity more in general

My last post's question about particle behaviour (called boids or flocking) comes from something I already experienced with lot of success and flexibility into processing(java) environment and that's why I want to share my curiosity with B4W community for further developments.

— Would it be something pertinent to reinforce B4W particle support taking into consideration something like this? (see: And what would be the best way to implement that?

I feel it is a promising approach between already existing Blender particle support and real time interactivity…. But I feel also I really need your Help B4W developpers!
Curious Forever
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