Blend4Web 15.12 Early Developer Preview

17 December 2015 19:32
Blend4Web 15.12 Developer Preview is available. Just before Christmas you'll get: support for shadows from multiple lights, user-friendly camera limits assignment, support for viewport-aligned objects, experimental support for head mounted displays and much more.
The stable release is scheduled in the middle of the next week.

The release candidate is now available for download.
18 December 2015 10:22
"experimental support for head mounted displays"
Wow, this is exiting!
20 December 2015 13:11
My account is still in the 15.11 edition, where can I download the latest 15.12 version?
20 December 2015 13:46
Links to the development versions are accessible from a table on this page.
20 December 2015 15:29
Link address is still shown to be the 15.11 version.
20 December 2015 16:44
Please scroll the page down to see the table. It's called "Compatibility Table", but I think we should rename it .

20 December 2015 17:20
Thank you very much for your help, has started to download.
21 December 2015 19:44
The builds have been updated. Many fixes included.
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