Our colleague has become a Blender developer!

30 December 2015 12:29
Ton Roosendaal has officially announced that Alexander Romanov is now part of the Blender development team. Alexander has been working on patches for the viewport and bug fixes for more than 1 year. The leader of the Blender project has also noticed importance of Blend4Web as a tool for creating WebGL content.
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13 January 2016 00:13


I saw your example of multiple animations/interactions with the dresser drawers which is actually one of the problems I'm trying to solve in the job posted here:

I'd love to get your input or recommendation for someone who could assist.

13 January 2016 10:50
Hi Jason,

Thanks for your interest in Blend4Web. I've re-posted your job offer on the Russian part of this forum. There are many experienced Blend4Web developers in our community, hopefully you'll find somebody soon.
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14 January 2016 12:43
And this is our first commit.
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17 January 2016 15:32
Yuri and Alexander,

I'm still looking for expert assistance with my project.

I'd love to work with one of you directly if possible. Could we setup a Skype call or discuss more specifics?

Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated.

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