How Making Augmented Realty using Blend4Web

03 December 2014 19:51
Hello All, i need help and i am very very newbie about blend4web , I want to develope virtual object include simple animation like aumented reality.

Is blend4web can be a way out?

03 December 2014 20:32
Hi and welcome!

I think augmented reality could be implemented with Blend4Web. Some coding will be required anyway.
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07 May 2015 18:18
Augmented Reality is certainly creating a lot of buzz in various industries.

If I come across some JS or Py based AR code, I'll include the forum in my research.
Looking forward to going full 3d.
07 May 2015 19:20
Found a tutorial

Since Blend4Web uses glMatrix too, most of this tutorial should be valid for our engine.
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08 October 2015 12:14
I would love to see this as well, and it would be an even greater game-changer for Blend4Web (applause) and for the Blender community. I found this:

Excited to see where this leads!
14 October 2016 15:05
Hi! i'm new user of blend4web, i'd like to work with AR in a website, i saw that it's possible integrating jsartoolkit, but how do it?

in the html page? or wherever? a little tutorial is welcome , because i'm not programmer

Best regards
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14 October 2016 19:02
Hi and welcome to the Blend4Web forums!

We haven't an AR tutorial yet. To be honest we didn't try implementing AR with Blend4Web. Something to consider in the future.
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27 March 2017 21:24

I see this thread was created in December 2014 which means that AR support in B4W has been considered for quite some time. Nonetheless, currently no out-of-the-box support for AR is available in B4W. Not having out-of-the-box support for AR in B4W means that those that are using B4W for web-based 3D and *also* want to target AR have to use and integrate with additional tools and libraries, respectively (which increases complexity, substantially).

Web-based AR is becoming more and more viable as the AR.js (link) project has demonstrated: link

Hence, my question… would it be possible to get some kind of clarification with regards to what the intention is with AR in B4W? And if there is some kind of intention to provide AR support, what would that look like? I assume it would entail AR-specific APIs.

Finally, I want to emphasize that I am not criticizing B4W. That is, B4W is a fantastic tool and the team behind it have done and are doing a phenomenal job. The above questions, more than anything, are about trying to understand where B4W is heading with regards to AR.


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