moving an object with dynamic physics

29 February 2016 22:33
Hi guys,

I have a player like object with dynamic physics type and camera attached via append_copy_trans.
Is it possible to set the translation of this object? For example if the player drops of the cliff i want it to appear back on top. When I use set_translation, something weird happens - am i missing something?
29 February 2016 23:27
Got it OK
using disable_simulation before setting the translation
Actually – seems like this is not working, because after the 2nd disabling I cannot re-enable the simulation any more.
There are no errors in log or exceptions, but the character's physics remains disabled.
06 May 2016 18:52
All manipulations with physics objects should be done with the help of physics module.

So in your case the set_transform method would be a good choice.
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