Unknown keyframe intepolation mode

06 March 2016 18:41

In the json export of my scene I had this error :

B4W ERROR: Unknown keyframe intepolation mode: 9.986835479736328

I've put some of my animation in Constant Interpolation and the HTML export run smoothly but the json seems to not handle this interpolation. The issue is that I've lots of animated objects and can't figure which one is stuck in Constant Interpoldation so I could put him into Linear Interpolation. i've tried to bake animation on this scene but it still show the error Is there a way to force type of interpolation in the export?
09 March 2016 11:24
Hi! This looks like a bug. B4W supports constant, linear and bezier modes both in json and in html export.

B4W ERROR: Unknown keyframe intepolation mode: 9.986835479736328
This weird error shows that you have any other mode turned on or perhaps the animation is corrupted.

Is there a way to force type of interpolation in the export?
Unfortunately, there is not an easy way to do it. If you can provide us with blend-file we'll look at this issue.
15 March 2016 00:33
HI Ivan,

I appreciate your help, here's a link to download my project :
15 March 2016 12:51
You're using rather old b4w.full.min.js library. It's 15.06 and is not compatible with the latest add-on version.

You should probably have another warning in the console:
B4W WARN: B4W engine version is a bit old relative to JSON. Some compatibility issues can occur. Update your engine version to fix it.

So, I suggest you to update your b4w.min.js.

More info here:

15 March 2016 12:56
There is another bug revealed with the help of this scene.

You are using the Set Shader Node Param logic node to assign Value in the "Text" material on the "Text" object. But the problem is that you have the "Do not Export" flag on this material. This leads to some bad behavior. I added an additional check so that this kind of bugs would be more evident.
15 March 2016 15:22
Thanks guys, I will check that, I've updated my SDK but I propbably copy a wrong "b4w.full.min.js" file when I created the folder.
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