Unity Technologies Switches to Blend4Web for its WebGL-Based Solutions

01 April 2016 14:41
Unity Technologies, the company behind the Unity3D game engine, announced today that they are going to switch to Blend4Web as the primary tool for their future browser-based solutions.

Press Release
01 April 2016 18:35
Звучит, как первоапрельская шутка, но, видимо нет!:) Поздравляю, это очень круто! И, кстати, логично.
01 April 2016 20:46
Такая радость, что мы и сами не верим .
01 April 2016 23:23
OMG ! If Only!
02 April 2016 10:00
Happy April Fools' Day! See you next year .
02 April 2016 11:06
Sorry i'm late please don't hurt me…
But! Amazing! Next steps: UE4 then Cryengine.
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