Render failing

23 May 2016 17:25
We're trying to render out our project to .HTML but it refuses to load in a browser. The project does load in the fast preview however the final outcome will of course need to be independent .HTML.

Are there parameters to exporting and running large projects? We know that our geometry is about 150MB according to the fast render specs, but our final .HTML ends up around 350Mb's and will not run in Chrome 50.

We've learned that in order to run an exported project it must live and run within the SDK server. What is the process to get an independently running B4W .HTML running?

Any help on these 2 questions is appreciated.

23 May 2016 20:02

Indeed 350 MB HTML is too big and cannot be loaded properly, especially on low spec hardware. This is why we don't recommend using this format for such big projects. WebPlayer + JSON will be a way better approach. For more info see this nice tutorial here
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