little help needed with tutorial

30 May 2016 21:23
I am referrrign to the tutorial

and as a 'Zero' programmer person I m unable to understand few facts things which are restricting me from creating a first person sample scene.

can anyone upload a simple scene setup with wasd driven camera FPS setup? I want to see how to make it.
Also is really programming knowledge needed? I guess blend4web is pretty lovely tool and I m getting addicted to it.

Actually I opened the file to study it and found one thing that, if I publish html then camera works WASD but it doesnt really detect collision ( attached file here). However the file in "blend4web_sdk_free\deploy\tutorials\examples\firstperson" when opened works all the way fine.

I know that there are other .JS and jason files to achieve desired results.

But my question is how can I use such 'gang' of files to make my own sample?

After a bit of reading I was unable to figure out how to make all these customized .js & jason files work alongwith published blend4web file.

Hope its not boring to address my issues ! :|
Visualization expert!
31 May 2016 16:58

The most sensible introduction to b4w scripting is given in this tutorial.
It describes how to use Project Manager and how to modify js files to achieve simple interactivity. After reading it, I'm sure, you'll understand the above tutorial much easier.

Also is really programming knowledge needed?
As for now, a bit of programming is required to work with keyboard because logic nodes do not support it yet.
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