Creation of exclusive industrial product showcase

25 June 2016 13:52
Here are couple of samples I am after creating in B4W. They have already been rendered in typical cycles but not in B4W.
I am sticking around to achieve the at least similar result or better.
gradually coming up with all required things but still only thing biting is the file size

The file size for engine is going above 200MBs, just trying to reduce as much as possible.

Visualization expert!
28 June 2016 10:41
You may want to reduce some of the geometry and to replace it with normal maps - especially the details that are very little, extruded text, etc.

The next trick is using tileable small textures as much as possible.

It's hard to judge without the .blend file. Maybe you have exported vertex animation or the complex armature animation that can be optimised. There may be lots of things that can lead to big file size.
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