Simple deform - doesn't run on webplayer

01 August 2016 23:36
Hello! First of all I feel pretty lucky that I am using blend4web at its young years and would like to thank b4w team for "Power Unleashing" work as you like to it :D. I have a problem with simple mesh deforms "e.g. twisting a cube, rolling a paper…etc". I can make the animation pretty well in the scene (I didn't use armature though), and play it in the node editor, however it just doesn't work at all when I run the "fastpreview"!!! I am working on simulating paper-like objects, folding it to look like origami for example and I don't think my only choice is to use a bone for every vertex in the plane to module the paper well ! Here is an example blend file of the problem.
All the good things,
02 August 2016 10:17
Hello and welcome to the forum!

As far as I can see the problem is in using modifiers and shape keys simultaneously.
Unfortunately for now every object can only use one of the next features: Vertex Animation, Shape Keys, Modifiers (+non-uniform scale).
This property can be tweaked in the object's "Export Options" panel.
Blend4Web Team - developer
02 August 2016 10:27
The fastest way is to bake your animation directly to vertex animatio, for this you can use Blend4Web vertex animation baker. Or if you want to use shapekeys at first you need to convert all your modifycations made by modifyers to shape keys so that thay played in viever without modifyers and then check Export Shape Keys. Now I can see that they are empty.
Blend4web and that kind of thing.
02 August 2016 11:36
THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I have been trying to get this thing done for quite a long time. Lastly, I would like to mention that when "vertex animation" is baked and applied I got a problem with the scale, scale is not rendered in the webplayer , any idea?
02 August 2016 12:53
is baked and applied I got a problem with the scale, scale is not rendered in the webplayer , any idea?
Have you applied object's scale before bake animation? (ctrl-a=>scale)
Blend4web and that kind of thing.
04 August 2016 01:14
Oh that was it indeed! thanks a lot, much appreciated
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