Retro Car Contest, entries

19 September 2016 17:23
Aaand thus, I declare the "Retro Car" contest open! You can submit your entries from now on.Show all the beauty and nostalgia of Retro styles, let your imagination loose - the theme calls for it!
Good luck!

Please note that this topic is for your entries only. You can discuss the contest here.

UPD: The contest has officially started!
07 November 2016 09:54

This is my submission for the contest. It's a 2cv from citroen (very popular in france during the 60's).
I did the model with my 11 years boy (how is learning blender) and it was very fun!

the blend file : 2cv.blend
the blend4web file : 2cv.html

Thanks for the contest !
07 November 2016 10:04
Hi Everyone!

B4W Retro Car Contest - Peugeot 403 Cabriolet

Here is my work to the Retro Car Contest. Not a real classic in normal sense, but it becomes that if you can connect it something else… so the main idea my fav detective tv series.

See it, try it, play it!

Project source:
Html: b4w-retro-car-peugeot-403.html


edit (11.08 10:17): project name (reference to the post in retro car discussion forum)
07 November 2016 10:42
Here's my entry to the contest. I went dirty and forgotten path.


Project .blend file link
07 November 2016 11:33
1936 Auburn Speedster

This is my entry to the contest. I went for a dreamy old camera effect, using postpro planes in the brute way. I hope you lilke it. I like it

Here's the working soution

And the blend file

- javascripter and technical artist
- Blender freak
07 November 2016 21:07
Hi this is my entry


07 November 2016 22:27
Ford Mustang gt500 fastback (1967)

Hi everybody!
My first post, my first contest, my second ever car modeled. This contest was a good opportunity to model another one! This is one of my favourite cars: Ford Mustang gt500 fastback (1967).
On the control panel (top-right) you can chose to change colors or to drive the car.
Beware, I haven’t managed to reset car position after an accident. So if you turn upside down, refresh the page. So there are still some bugs that I would discuss in another post but I'm satisfied!
Drive carefully :)

html link:
zip file:
blend(packed-img) zip:

for those who have already posted their model , congratulations, very nice job
Blend4web rocks!
08 November 2016 13:03
Duesy - 1930s Duesenburg Phaeton

Unfortunately I encountered some issues and wasn't able to complete my full entry in time. Even so, here's part of it:

html: link
zip: link

This is actually my first ever completed car model, and a lot of fun to make :) I even modeled an environment to put it in, but didn't have enough time to bake all the lighting (if you look deep into the reflections you can see a WIP version of it).

For full disclosure: I took the liberty of slapping a texture on the floor while packaging up the zip (after the deadline); hopefully that's okay.
08 November 2016 13:05
Entries closed! Thank you everyone for participating!
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