Retro Car Contest, discussion

20 October 2016 10:35
Good luck then!
20 October 2016 15:49
Hy all. After a terribly busy week/month/year i finally have a little time. So after a lot of hesitation i chose to work on the Delahaye 135 car.
So good luck everyone and let's do it !
20 October 2016 15:58
Oh, great choice!
Good luck to you too
24 October 2016 10:28
Some progress here!
25 October 2016 10:57

I will try to participate but I never done a car model so it's just to learn !

I choose the citroen 2cv (very popular car in france during the 60s).

But, as it's my first try, I will need a lot of advices ! Do you think it's better to open a new topic or to ask here ?
25 October 2016 11:04
Hello, welcome to our forum!

Sure, feel free to start a new topic!
Though it'll be okay if you ask here too, doesn't really matter where to ask.
Good luck! :)
25 October 2016 14:29
Thanks for your reply !

This is a first try :

It's my first car so don't be to hard ! But if you know how I can improve it, let me know.

I wonder why I don't have any transparency (on the windows…) when exporting on blen4web format. I have the transparency on blender (blender internal), I can see it on the render with blend4web (F12) but never in a browser. I tested with firefox on windows/linux, chrome in windows/linux and IE on windows (of course). Why ?
25 October 2016 17:05
For a first time it's looking really good

About transparency you can read here. Don't use Renderer as an example, it is a very different thing from WebGL

You may want to select Blend4Web in Engine selection (blender renderer, BGE, etc.), it'll give you a lot of b4w options.
26 October 2016 21:52
Thank you !

I can understand, now : the transparency type was set to 'opaque' in the material !

By the way : witch type of transparency do you recommend for the windows ?
27 October 2016 10:19
I think Alpha Blend will be more suitable It depends on. You could try Add type (the fastest one), if it'll show some artifacts, try using Blend :)
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