Baked simulation

03 October 2016 13:41
How can I use a particle simulation in Blend4Web that I made with Blender Render then baked?
03 October 2016 16:41
Welcome to our forum :)

How do you want to use that simulation, in which format? In Blend4Web the simulation will be computed in real-time, you can't export pre-baked particle simulation.
04 October 2016 09:59
Thank you for the welcome. :D

I made a simulation in which particles move along a path via a series of keyed particle simulations. I was hoping that there was a way of exporting it to blend4web. Maybe if I converted it to an animation?
05 October 2016 15:56
I'm afraid I still don;t fully understand what you are trying to achieve Can you attach your .blend file here?
18 October 2016 19:14
Reply to post of user Pavel Kotov
I'm afraid I still don;t fully understand what you are trying to achieve Can you attach your .blend file here?

Hello Mr Pavel, firts of all thanks for the great effort on this SDK, and sorry I jump into this topic but already expend days trying to solve my issue .

I have been trying to create a scene using the alembic files support, but when I export the scene, the motion on the timeline for my character does not play after export JSOn or HTML or fast preview. I have been looking for a tutorial how to do this without luck, can you please send me a tutorial link or point me in the right direction in how to export the alembic animation into the scene or fast preview?.

I attached my .blen RobsWalk walking animation, file and I would appreciate any help thank you !
Hello VR-World!!
19 October 2016 12:05
Hi Cesar!
Hmm.. I sadly don't know how you use Alembic animations. As I understand, it's like a cache of everything?
If it is so, the cache wasn't attached to the .blend
Did you try to bake vertex animation using B4W baker? Probably it will help?
21 October 2016 17:26
Hi Pavel, yes I tried the vertex animation baking and it works
but it animates creating one mesh per frame and usually my animations are about 1000 frames and the polys between 10000 to 60000 thousand polygons this is too big to render in the B4W engine for baking.

I found an add-on to joint the animation animatorJointer

whit this tool I joined character parts into one mesh in a different layer and then I run the baking process which it creates the vertex animation at once but the size of the ending file it's too big.

I was using playcanvas but its too slow, Im a javascript-angular developer freelancer, and i'm looking forward to show this to my clients.

Mr pavel , is there a way to contact someone on your team to discuss the license for the partnership or the pro version, I want to make sure you guys offer the right help for me, what I'm looking for is to jump start my porject, But I need help from you guys expertise.

My Goal is to create a Virtual Reality Camera to present my scenes , but I having many issues with baking and optimizing the 3d models for the scene, my models are around 10000 polygons but I can lower it f we have to; I have pretty much all elements I need to start making my scenes, all I need is the right setup to bake the entire scene and animations so it can render in the mobile phones for the VR experience, I have lots of code from my previous apps but I have little experience creating games in blend4Web.

I wanted to attached a .blend sample of one of my animation jointed but its 1.2 Gigabytes

Let me know if this is something you may help me.

Thank you thank you for all your help Mr Pavel.
Hello VR-World!!
21 October 2016 17:48
Sure! I said Yuri, our Development Lead, he will contact you about licensing!
Your idea is pretty interesting! And for sure it requires some optimizing.
Look at this demo (this is an old one), it's not that heavy, but if I understood correctly what you need, it seems kinda close to what you want to achieve, am I correct?
20 February 2017 10:18
Pavel Kotov,
How to make the particles move along the defined path?
29 April 2017 05:24
Yes, please, give some guide how to cache particles for B4W

For example I need fill object with particles (like water) for this i should use collision physics, that wouldn't apply in blend4web render

Thank You
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