Blend4Web: Beginner's Guide. Chapter 6: Life In Motion

14 December 2016 18:02
A new part of Blend4Web Beginner's Guide is out!
This time you gonna give a bit of dynamic to the scene and will find out how animation is applied in Blend4Web.

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15 December 2016 07:42
Very good tutorial.
Overcoming the basics of Blender is no easy task. I think this series will go a long way toward helping people break into this area of technology.
15 December 2016 09:52
I think lot of people come here without knowledge of blender, so this tuto is very appreciated
Great work !
27 November 2017 14:04

Indeed it is enormus tool. Quick question: Is it possible to block this option somehow? I mean, if I would not like the user to be able to move the camera with his mouse but see only my own camera setting (direction set up earlier)? If so, where can I find info about it?

Thank you-)
05 December 2017 06:07
Tutorial and blend4web is great.

I made a pair of shoes, and have them rotating beautifully in Blender (have them parented to an empty), however when I use the fast preview, no rotation. I've gone over it about 4x, and can't find the problem.
I'll attach an image; and any thoughts to a solution?

I figured it out. Empty wasn't being selected before Fast Preview.
04 February 2018 07:22
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