All in one

21 December 2016 02:41

I want to know if there's a way to have all files in just one folder.

Like before when that all files where in the same folder in apps_dev.

I know that having everything in diferent folders help with organization but I like to know if theres' a way to have everyting in the same folder. Thanks
21 December 2016 12:04

Since the 16.12 release (you can download release candidate right now) we going to eliminate this problem. Bundled and non-bundled projects will be replaced by the new project structure. All projects will be stored in the "projects" directory inside the SDK and different kinds of files will be stored in subdirectories. So it will be like that:


21 December 2016 23:44
I just downloaded and created a project and it's exactly what I wanted to do thank you.
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