Blurred rendering when added Shape Keys. Why ?

24 December 2016 15:16
When I add Shape Keys to the object it is rendered differently. I'm attaching two screen shots. One with Shape Keys exported and second without Shape Keys. Objects is blurred when Shape Keys is exported.
How can I enforce standard (sharp) rendering with Shape Keys enabled?
26 December 2016 12:41
If your shape changes are simple, this will work: just activate the Normal Editor in Blend4Web tab.

For now this kind of behaviour is not initially supported, but we will work on it in the future.
26 December 2016 18:56
Now shape keys match the case of smooth normals.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
29 December 2016 23:24
I enabled Normal Editor and now it is rendering normally. Thanks!
30 December 2016 10:44
it's a very major improvement, curiously didn't see it in update note…
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