Off-center "highlight" on halo material object

10 February 2015 16:17
I don't know if this is a bug or just a setting I've done wrong, but the highlight* on this object, which I've applied a halo material to, is shifted off to the right, and I'd like it to be centered. Any idea what's going on?

*I'm guessing it's not actually a highlight since it seems unrelated to how I have my lighting set up.
10 February 2015 17:08
Can you please send your .blend?
11 February 2015 01:26
What's the best or preferred way to send the file? Email (above link, attn: Pavel?), or a link to file, or…?
11 February 2015 10:08
Just attaching a file here to the post :)
12 February 2015 02:38
12 February 2015 02:59
Now it's gotten stranger - maybe I originally did this before updating Blender and the plugin (and I don't feel like reinstalling the old version just to make sure) but the symptom no longer shows when I generate and load the HTML fine.
12 February 2015 10:42
Well, that's good, then :)

Yeah, one version had problems with Halo material, so we fixed it
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