Create buttons and interactivity in HTML

13 September 2018 18:59
Is there anyway, to make the buttons like in the HandbagConfigurator?
Sure, the handbag configurator's buttons are made with a simple circular mesh set to "Billboard->Spherical", and their material is set to "Shadeless". They are not anchors and they are not "rendered above all" since they can disappear behind the object.

Their "animation" effects (upon clicking) are a color inversion/texture change and a size change. This can be done with scripting or with the Logic Nodes "Set Shader Node Param/Inherit Material" and "Transform", respectively.

Personally, I don't like those particular buttons because it is never obvious which one is active and the white outline disappears on the white background.

(But the configurator itself is first-rate!)
26 September 2018 08:27
Oh Okay looks nice!!!
But how do i do that?

I made an Overlay in Html and Css, made Planes to make the Texture-Change-Method of Codesnippet with the javascript,
but how do I connect the buttons from the html/css with the javascript?

Or is there another posible way?
Kind regards,

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