Add Material to an object

24 February 2017 19:43

In Ray Test blend file i've realized that there is a mesh->plane obj created with an image named decal as texture. The result is the yellow dot created on mouse click shown in the picture below:

I've tried to do the same thing on a new example but the result is that the plae obj i create remains as a square and not like a dot. Why is that?
25 February 2017 16:56
Unfortunately, there are no images in your message.
Can you provide more info on how you created the plane object? Does it have textures when you "Fast Preview" this object?
25 February 2017 17:34
I'm attaching the two photos again so you can see the difference. Picture 1 is the normal one from RayTest example. Picture 2 is my example from a new blend file.

What im doing is:
1) Add->Mesh->Plane
2)Add new Material -> Add Texture in Material Created
3) Add picture to the thexture
4)Scale the plane obj to another smaller size.

The result should be a yellow spot like the picture 1 but it returns a square like in picture 2.

Thank you
27 February 2017 12:49
Please, attach the blend-file.
I think, there is something with material transparency options setup.
27 February 2017 12:55
Hello Evgeny and thanks for your time. Finally the mistake was mine, i was using wrong picture for the texture. I changed it to .png and works fine!

Thank you
27 February 2017 12:57
Glad to hear, that everything is fine. Good luck with your project.
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