Comprehensive creativity !

14 October 2014 10:36
I am a new learner of B4w & seems it has some potentials. It seems really interesting to develop simple but powerful interactive things in it. Over the time it may produce exceptional results or amazing features but I believe most of the times common common & little little solutions are perfectly applicable for various problems.

Non 3D ( simple 2D) interactive trigger based actions. I mean exactly as most seen in flash animations. It would be great to exhibit B4W's ability.

Examples :
1. A simple house or product photo with some hotspots when clicked on say a door will take you to interior photos etc.
2. A product view with hotspots will trigger to more details or its USPs etc.
3. An electrical or electronic circuit having triggers to activate various functions on clicking. etc. etc.
Of course 3D has its own advantages but somethings really speak up well in just simple 2D or 2.5D spectrum! :)

I am currently paying around such simple simple but interesting things ! Any such small small tuts or trial explorations are welcome to spread the word! :)

I believe completeness is a combination of Power of Exceptional & Beauty of Simplicity ! :P

Visualization expert!
14 October 2014 11:18
Hello visualizer!

As I can say, the best way to do such things lies in the sphere of web development. I mean, scripts overall are better than GUI-based interactive elements. You can see here and here examples of scripting for interactive apps

But, for example, I am an artist, and, sadly, right now for me scripts are difficult and I can't use them. To add extra interactivity I can use our new NLA functional. And examples you mentioned can be simply done by parenting some planes to the camera, so they will be those interactive triggers :) And it will be pretty fast, too.
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