B4W not working on Android < 6

17 March 2017 19:53
Hi, I'm new on Blend4Web.
I tried various examples (included on the blend4web_ce_17_02 distro) and nothing appears on the screen (all black).
On Apple devices all is ok and also on newer android devices, with Android versione >= 6.
Can someone help me?
Thank you.
18 March 2017 10:27
Hi, and welcome to the forum!

Which Android device have you tried with Blend4Web?
When you load with this device do you see a spinning cube?
20 March 2017 12:15
Tried with Samsung S4 (I9505) and with Samsung S4 Mini (I9195).
When I load with these devices I see a spinning cube.
Inspecting with chrome dev tools give various errors, see attached screenshot.
Tried with a simple project (of mine) and, for example, with the bundled "code_snippet" project.

Thank you
20 March 2017 12:58
Thanks for the test case!
We'll try to find similar devices and reproduce this issue.
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