A simple general circuit

15 October 2014 14:45
Can anyone help to create a simple interactive circuit play like this? Its for educational purpose but seems B4W has great way to exhibit it.

Just some interactivity and some animations. would like to explore the .blend file of same to play with more.
A simple circuit made in flash here
I am trying with this, but having some hard time to get through anyone can do this similar pl.?

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15 October 2014 15:08
Hi I've remove a dublicate post from the Jobs forum. Our guys will try to find time for making a simple interactive example.
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15 October 2014 15:14

Yeah I confused with where to exactly post & duplicated it… Sorry!

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15 October 2014 15:19
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Yeah I confused with where to exactly post & duplicated it… Sorry!

No problem
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15 October 2014 19:38
Hello visualizer!
Here you go:


Notable things: "wires" are animated due UV-shift that was made by animating Value. I came up with this right now, so here may be lots of other ways to animate things like this
In Scene in our B4W tab I added some NLA script links. In other words everything in this tab means:
Click_1 -> animation_of_red_wire -> click_2 ->animation_of_green_wire -> cube_animation. Seems a little difficult, maybe. It's pretty easy, though, when you'll play with this feature some time. For me it took like 45 mins to make this file from zero (I didn't use this tool before)

By the way, in our next release this feature will be greatly improved
16 October 2014 18:40

Seems interesting to me. I m still trying to figure out what all you have done and trying to do similar thing! You did it in 45 min…!!! without any such previous experience… woow… techy ! ! !
nice to see that its happening as expected just checking if I can do that… lol. However still looking for more in depth & proper preparation of such thing with simplified spoon feeding….. :)) lol

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16 October 2014 19:14
woow… techy ! ! !
Thanks! Well, I'm familiar with B4W, so maybe I intuitively clicked on the right things But yeah, I thought this tool will be more complicated, so this was a nice surprise

And about deeper explanation - in our next release this tool will be improved and some settings will be added, some will be changed, so we are planning to make an interesting demo that will use new functional and to make a tutorial based on this demo (maybe not one). So stay tuned!
16 October 2014 19:51
Yep! Sure!
I m always Inn ! ! !
Visualization expert!
06 December 2014 08:15
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