On phone not working

03 June 2017 01:22
The 3d content stopped working on phone. I have a Nexus 6 phone, using the chrome browser.
The frame just shows black, but the tool buttons (maximize and such) are visible. Any suggestions what is wrong and how to fix is much appreciated. The 3d content is accessible here:
03 June 2017 04:29
Are you able to run other WebGL content?
Like this Room Furnishing demo

Does your project have any huge texture files?
04 June 2017 22:55
Thank you Will for looking into it;
The room demo seems to be working.
There are some big texture files, yes, but what I do not understand why suddenly it stopped working on phone.
1. it was working fine since I first publish the files on the web, about a year ago, till a few days ago;
2. it is working fine on desktop;
3. it is working fine on chrome-books;

05 June 2017 05:58
Do you use the Console Log function in your Chrome browser? Hit F12 or Options > More Tools > Developer Tools. Then you will see a number of tabs, the Console tab prints out errors. So there is a way to do this on you mobile device to. (Firefox has it to but Chrome is better for Console).

Video about it here.

Google Android Link.
06 June 2017 11:46
Hi Dusan,
Hi Will,

I noticed that the content at uses the rather old version of Blend4Web. Many bugs have been fixed since then, including those specific to mobile devices. You might want to try to update your models and see what happens.
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