New tutoral about making the Pytigor's Tale

03 March 2015 16:50
Good day to everybody! Pay attention to the fact that the new lesson about a making the Pytigor's Tale is out!

This article mainly explains the creation of the Golem. In the tutorial you can find the explanation about modeling and texturing, rigging and animation, and creating game level elements such as magical stones and obelisks.

Please pay attention! This article tells how to copy the result of physical simulation to the keys of the bone animation. It is a very versatile and effective method which can be used in many cases.

This is the last tutorial about the creation of the visual content of the first level. But you'll find much more interesting in the next lessons so don't forget to check the news block.

You can ask all the questions about the lesson here in this topic and we'll try to answer them.

Link to lesson
Blend4web and that kind of thing.
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