What is the best way to make multiple animations to use in Blend4web?

28 July 2017 10:39
I have been playing with the NLA editor to make some simple object animations. (Think mechanical exploded views; no mesh rigs.)

Being that I'm still fairly new to blender's animation features, I'm looking for suggestions as to how I would go about making multiple animations that blend4web can use.

I have briefly looked into "baking", but it seems like it only applies to atmatures and mesh deforming animations.

Would multiple scenes be the way to go?
28 July 2017 10:47
Are you animating single objects or are you talking about many things in the scene happening at once? Are you just moving objects from point A to point B or are we talking about a crowd of zombies?
28 July 2017 20:06
There would ideally be multiple actions overlapping; which would be several objects changing "location" to reveal hidden or overlapping parts (Consider this one of 3 animations). But there are separate areas that should have their own animation; while some animations could include sub-antmations. So a way that I can run all animation (about 3 total); or run them Individually.
29 July 2017 04:39
It sounds like NLA animations would be worth looking at. A limitation on this is you can't have two separate animations that affect the same object happen at the same time. Logic nodes are a very good way of moving things around. And logic nodes work well at controlling the NLA animations. The best answer would probably be to use multiple methods to fit your needs and don't limit yourself to one way or another.
29 July 2017 04:46
So I'm currently using the NLA editor; what I don't understand is how to create modular animations that are not all part of a single animation timeline. So I would like to "store" or "Save" the current animation. Then start fresh on a different animation that doesn't necessarily include the previously developed animation. Though once they are all finished; I might combine them or overlap them.

Is making a new "scene" the best way to separate animations? If so; can they be combined using the NLA editor at a later point?
29 July 2017 04:55
Have a look at this video:
It shows you how to convert the animation into a block that can be moved around, duplicated and controlled by nodes.
29 July 2017 05:05
Now THAT sounds awesome! I'll check it out.
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