[CLOSED] Animate rotation along LOCAL Z-Axis

29 September 2017 09:59
Hi everybody,
i try to animate objects rotation along the Z local axis, inside Blender all is good but when i click on the "Fast Preview" B4W Button, objects placements are not good… ( See attachments files )
Is there someone has an idea for rotating objects along Z LOCAL axis with good result please ?
Thank you for answers
29 September 2017 12:54
Ok after severals tests, i think the only good solution for animate the rotation along a LOCAL axis is to use Rotation Mode : Quaternion(WXYZ) in Object->Transform tab, i can't see anything else…
29 September 2017 21:06
Hello before doing the animation it is super important to apply objects to the rotation and scale, if you do not do this the objects in b4w go badly located or deformed.Apply the rotation and scale and do the animation again and you will have no problem.
29 September 2017 22:22
Hello Juani thank you for your reply,
Yes Apply the scale is useful but in this case if you rotate an object in 2 or 3 axis and after you apply the rotation you lost the LOCAL Transform Orientation, LOCAL coordinates become GLOBAL coordinates.
It's more about the choice of the Rotation Mode for having good interpolations between keyframes when using LOCAL rotation axis, i think…
29 September 2017 23:31
I have never used the Quaternion rotation, I use rotation Euler. I take it to ask if you could tell me any difference, I do not understand the Euler rotation. For what you comment, is that the rotation quaternion also counts the orientation?
29 September 2017 23:42
For modeling and other common use on the 3Dview the Euler is good but the problem i've met with Euler in animation of LOCAL axis is that between 2 keyframes, the movement "bug" ( in attachment i made a GIF )
29 September 2017 23:59
Sorry but I do not understand very well what happens, I get the feeling that the anchor point is not correct.
30 September 2017 00:27
Here is an exemple of a mesh who need to be rotate along the Z LOCAL Axis, if you click on "play animation" you will see the interpolation between 2 keyframes is bad with Euler , the movement is a grab along Z local Axis + rotation along Z Local Axis
01 October 2017 13:33
Now I understand a little better the rotation quaternion, at right angles not appreciated but at angles inclined is totally different. Many thanks for your time.
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