First Person Walk-thru

18 October 2014 07:44
Okay, it is all working now: skeletal animation, transparency, solid textures, vertex animation. 26 megs due to unoptimized lip sync test head.

The issue with the head not working earlier was because the animation was a bunch of shape keys being driven by an audio source. By exporting that animation as a PointCache file, Blender essentially mixed down the shapekeys to a single track. The resulting .PC2 file was then applied to a pose head mesh via the MESH CACHE modifier, and then the B4W export worked.
18 October 2014 08:10
FYI, the project I am doing is an animation of a musical I was in this past September for the Vancouver Fringe Festival. The show was called "Junk! the Musical", and the guy who wrote the show made a bunch of instrumen5ts out of odd stuff, such as a cello from a garbage can and a bass from a wheelbarrow. I was Jake the Drummer.

Here is a clip of me as Jake the drummer in "Junk the Musical". …

The guy playing the tube instrument halfway through this clip is Paul Snider, the man who wrote the show and made the instruments. The project of turning some of the 50 minute show into an animation is just to have a winter project.

18 October 2014 10:11
Just wow! That's very interesting and creative. Looking forward for the 3D web app!
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