How do I know b4w sdk is working properly?

24 January 2018 04:41
How do I check if my installation is running properly?
24 January 2018 13:06
You should check some conditions:
If after Blender start you have a Blend4Web logo on splash screen and no messages with errors; If "Project Manager" button is available on the Render properties panel, and after pressing it, the browser opens the "Project Manager" main page.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
25 January 2018 03:21
Thank you so the way "make project" button in code snippets page leads me to this…

"The requested resource is not available, please return to the home page" ????
25 January 2018 11:17
This is because you are pressing this button on our site. And of course this functional is not available on the site. This functional will work on your local server if you open code snippets from the Project Manager.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
26 January 2018 05:10
You are awesome Alexander
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