can i specify mouse select as right click only

13 March 2018 08:18
Hi guys,my selectable object gets selected when i press any mouse button with the cursor on the object.Can i specify select to be right click only?
Kindly assist.Regards
13 March 2018 22:20
If you are using Logic Nodes, there is no way to do this without core modifications.
If you are using javascript, you can implement the select logic using pick_object function. But be careful, this function renders color scene when you calling it, don't abuse it.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
08 September 2018 01:59
It's possible to do it with Logic Nodes, by adding a custom node "Get MB" (JS_Callback) which retrieves the mouse button number (1/2/3 = LMB/MMB/RMB) and stores it in "R1".

Now you can simply add a Branch Node to pass only a specific mouse button and return the others to the Select (= block them):

Demonstration: LINK
Download: (see attachment) ready for import with B4W Project Manager
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