Applying UV unwrap in blend4web

16 March 2018 10:41
We are dynamically changing the vertex of a geometry and post that we want to UV unwrap on it. Is there any blend4web JS API to do UV unwrap on a geometry.
In blender we could achieve this by using the UV/image editor by selecting the geometry and applying UV unwrap. We want to achieve this runtime through blend4web JS library.
19 March 2018 12:19
Currently there is no simple way to edit UV's. The hard way is to use internal API, but it needs significant reworking.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
20 March 2018 17:03
How do I use this internal API? Is there a way we can get the implementation of this internal api in javascript?

To give you more context, we are using this in AR domain, to hide the excess geometry blender does not provide a camera mask, so we created a video texture with a hole, and we are playing camera feed on this texture. We are moving this hole dynamically, to where the marker is detected. But this distorts the video. That is why we are looking to apply uv unwrap dynamically from javascript.
22 March 2018 00:49
Could mappng to the global/view_space coords help? You can use Geometry node and any of its output. Then you can transform coords using "Vector Transform" node.

The dynamic geometry has deffinitely highest priority for us. I think to the Blender 2.8 release we will have a great progress in this direction.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
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