AR Marker and Masking Animation

16 March 2018 12:55
We are working on a AR based animation project where the camera will detect an AR marker and animation will be played based on the marker position. While doing so we see multiple animation layers which are not supposed to be rendered. To solve this, we are creating a ‘video texture fed with live video feed’ with the below procedure and hiding the unwanted animation layers with this texture.

How we are creating this mask:

We are trying to create a ‘canvas texture’ in blender which will be fed with a live camera video. This serves as a mask layer during run time. On this texture, we are removing some part of the texture (say a rectangle hole) such that the background is visible during run time. This gives us an experience in runtime where this texture is blended on live camera feed and a through the hole we can see the actual camera feed. Attached is the video for better understanding.

In totality we will play an animation in between the actual camera feed and the camera mask that was created above. Now because of the hole the animation playing in between will be visible, our expectation that is.

So we have three planes now,

Actual camera feed
Multi layered Animation
Canvas texture having the hole and also playing the feed from live camera

However, in runtime while doing so, the video feed on the canvas texture is also getting zoomed and not matching to the actual feed that is playing in the background.


Is this the right way to solve this problem?
Any other alternatives?
22 March 2018 12:14
Attached is the video for better understanding.
It seems you forgot it. Could you repeat that?
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
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