Blend4web ssl problem

19 March 2018 11:09
I have a test site with an html page generated from B4W, this is linked from the home page. Everything functioned well until I applied an ssl certificate to the site. On clicking the link through from the home page to the html page the page loads but the player doesn't, there is just a blank white page. I have adjusted all redirect nodes from http to https, exported updated files and uploaded to the server. What have I missed?

March 27 2018 Update: This matter has been resolved. Our Web host/server has since extended the limit to allow for the size of .html file that Blend4Web generates.

March 31 2018 Update:
Following further discussions with the host/server it appears that the .html file size was not the problem.

The lines of code that are generated by Blend4Web are the length that they are.

The default length of code-line that the host/server could read was set at 1Metre. This was not a problem when using http.

When we went for ssl encryption for the site we think that extra characters were added to a line of code which took it beyond the default 1Metre setting. This would explain why the .html file did not load as https but did load as http.

After brief discussions with the host/server, they raised the SubstituteMaxLineLength to 10m. After doing this the .html file loaded and played correctly.

Perhaps, if the .html code was justified (wrap) to the left in the Blender4Web output file, it would not be a problem.
19 March 2018 14:46
Is there any bad output of in the web-browser console (F12)?
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
19 March 2018 18:35
Hello Alexander, Here is a link to the page. Thank you for your help.
21 March 2018 01:29
Hello Alexander, Have you seen the web-page in the link?
This page worked when the site was http. On applying https the player failed to load, just white screen.
On Google Chrome I did F12 and under 'styles' found ' display : block ; '. I hope there is a simple solution to this.
22 March 2018 01:19
This is strange…
Have you tried to compare two htmls which you've downloaded over http and https with any diff tool?
Can you share your sources?
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
22 March 2018 12:11
Here is a link to the .zip file from the 'Project' folder. It contains everything generated by B4W for this project.
24 March 2018 17:16
I see that the "body" tag is completely empty. I don't know how this happened. What is your server? It just returns empty body… Could you check the deployed html-file? If it has body then this is deffinitely server issue. Also, I've tried https with your project and there is no such issues occured.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
24 March 2018 22:16
Hello Alexander,
It's a big relief that you can get this to work on https.

The server we are using is called ‘site ground’.

The .html generated by Blend4Web works perfectly on the LOCAL server.

It also worked on the http site before changing to https.

I think you are right, this problem must be to do with the Web Server.

I will investigate and report back to share what I find as soon as I can.

Thank you for your help Tom Gamlin
25 March 2018 00:53
Hello Alexander,
We have an answer from Site Ground (the hosting company).
Please see the attachment showing the conversation.

Thank you for attending to this.

Tom Gamlin
27 March 2018 11:35
The file is definitely coded properly. It satisfies HTML and Javascript syntax. But your provider has additional restrictions.
It is big because you are using HTML export. Note, that new_gallery.css and new_gallery.js have no sense. Just once you've replaced the original html with exported. You should replace json instead.
The HTML export generates a bundle which contains webplayer javascript code and packed model with textures. And it seems that their server has it's own limit on htmls size.
I think you should deploy the webplayer and resources separately:
1) Using Project Manager create Webplayer JSON project.
2) Replace json and bin (assets folder)
3) Deploy your project on the server, and load webplayer.html.
I suppose it should help, because comparing with the 7M, the webplayer.html of Webplayer JSON project is just 10kB.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
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