Blend4web ssl problem

27 March 2018 23:44
Hello Alexander,
This problem can now be explained.

The hosting company has now raised the limit to accommodate the size of the .html file that Blend4Web has generated.

It would have been helpful to all of us if they had suggested doing this at the beginning.

The plan that I have involves having a number of galleries on the one site. Each gallery will be an .html file and they will be linked to each other.

Do you think that an 8mb .html file is big?

How many files of this size would be practical for one site?

Only one .html file will be viewed at any given moment.

I’m guessing that with fast-enough internet connections the .html file size shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

The site will now show the loaded .html file on https. (

Thank you again for your time and assistance.

Tom Gamlin
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