Disable keyboard controls

23 March 2018 17:30
is there a way to disable keyboard controls?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards
24 March 2018 18:42
You can disable letter keys. See enable_camera_controls documentation.
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
27 March 2018 11:23
Thank you, it works but now i cannot pan and zoom with the mouse.
27 March 2018 15:51
This code is working for me:
 m_app.enable_camera_controls(false, true);

WASD are disabled arrow-keys and mouse impact kept.
Is this what you've tried?
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
27 September 2018 09:15
I think these people have a strange concept of what it means to "disable" a feature. I think some lazy dev just added the preference setting, made sure it disabled a few things. still, it doesn't work then you can contact to HP Customer Support Number to sort out that issue and provide the solution of it.
12 November 2018 15:08
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