Mobile rendering issues

27 March 2018 18:30
Hey guys,
Thanks so much for helping me get this far on my personal project. I've run into a bit of a weird error while visiting the mobile version of my page. For some strange reason, nothing renders quite right on mobile browsers, i can see that the objects are there, but they are bright white with blue shadows etc. Do you know why this might be, do i need to change some settings in the json?
Example is at
Thanks again!
28 March 2018 01:42
Figured this one out, was something to do with my phone not liking the high cfg…. works great on low!
I am running into a gzip incorrect header check now though that is completely foreign to me.. especially as i have converted and linked to everything using the project manager!
28 March 2018 17:21

* Figured it out, sorry to be a pain, turns out it was my host, changed to AWS s3 and it runs way better now*
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