Skybox fail

28 March 2018 22:07
Hi everyone, trust you are well.

I'm following this official B4W tutorial:

However, I seem to be off to a bad start. I'm in blender render mode, I've opened, named and imported a new texture (it's a stitched fisheye panorama similar to the one in the tutorial). I've then checked 'horizon' under the 'influence' drop down, moved into the 'world tab' and checked 'real sky', although when I drag the camera around (middle mouse down), the background or 'world image' remains still, unlike in the video at 00:40 where the background responds.

It's likely I'm missing something stupid, but after a couple of hours, I thought it might be quicker just to ask you guys.

29 March 2018 06:58
Just thought I'd close this, as I figured it out… Maybe it's just a slight difference in functionality between iterations of B4W, but if my mapping co-ords are set to view (as in the video), I can't rotate the 'sky' in the same way, but if I change it to equirectangular, or global for example it works.

Hope this is useful to someone
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