keybord setting for first character control

05 April 2018 15:05
Hello everyone,
I'm working on this project and thanks again to Alexander Romanov because of him I'm so far in the project.

Now I would like to change the keyboard setting because the original one ( A W D S ) is not really adapt to the AZERT version .

I'm looking for a setting useful for AZERT and QWERT, somebody has an idea ?
06 April 2018 12:16
You can modify the src/addons/fps.js file or you can copy it to your project, correct paths in all "import …" statements. And then modify your own fps.js as you want. It is not convenient a bit, but currently this is only the way to configure the keys. To find the corresponding code search for e.g. "m_ctl.KEY_W"
Alexander (Blend4Web Team)
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